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Welcome to my RCMBA homepage. The management side of this team reflects three areas of my life... The team name is because I'm a retired Syracuse NY Police Sergeant. I spent almost all of my 22 years in the Patrol division with 12 of those years on the midnight shift. I am proud of commendations I received from the PD and the Citation read into the official record of the NY State Assembly, regarding that work. Those were exciting years and the best years of my life. While responding to one of the calls I met my wife Linda who later became a Police Officer for one of the Town departments in the Syracuse area... Second area is music. My favorite group is the greatest band of all-time, Pink Floyd. If you've listened to the "Dark Side of the Moon" you understand. I also enjoy Santana, Queen, Dave Matthews, James Taylor and of course the Beatles... Third area is the game of baseball. When I was about 10 I discovered the Yankees, my first idol Mickey Mantle and baseball cards. A few years later I read an ad about the APBA baseball game. A bit later from age 25 to 60, I played men and coed softball three or four nights a week at "B" or "A" level and some against "A" professional softball players... Currently I am retired, still collecting baseball cards (well over 20K now) and administering the websites of the Syracuse Police Retirees and the NYS Fire & Police Retirees. Enough about me, time for an in-depth look at our PD Blue Organization.


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My GM is William Nathaniel "Buck" Showalter. Buck is a former Syracuse manager has been after the GM job ever since Jim "Catfish" Hunter retired following the 2019 season. He's has a knack of spotting and developing talent in the minor leagues. He's also quite good at trading for veteran players. I have two MLB Hall of Famers and lifetime RCMBA members of my teams assisting him. Derek Jeter is the Ass't GM. He's one of only three players in RCMBA to get 3000 hits. The Director of Latin American Operations is the all-time RCMBA & MLB saves leader Mariano Rivera. Down on the field my manager is NYPD Blue Detective Sgt Andy Sipowicz. Andy was a tough cop who knew how to take charge on the street and always, one way or another, got the job done. You want him on your side. "In the dugout, that's where I want to be. It's not behind a desk with all those pencil pushing analytic nerds or wandering around some retirement home. In the dugout, seeing players face to face. I'll get the job done, pal." Andy has guided us to 7 of our 8 RCMBA titles, so I know he'll get the best production from my players.


My coaches on the field are required to have played for not only the Yankees but also the Phillies. The reason behind that is I spent many summers growing up with my grandmother in NE Pennsylvania. Not being able to pickup the radio signal for Yankee games I listened to Byrum Saam announce Phillies games and that resulted in a faithful following of the Phillies. Our bench coach is Pete Incaviglia who hit 206 MLB homers, a bit short of the 500 I thought he would launch. A.J. Burnett is our pitching coach. Our hitting coach is Bobby Abreu. Charlie Hayes is the 3B coach and he had two tours of duty with the Phillies and Yankees. The 1B coach is Mike "Hit Man" Easler. Ryne Duren had some difficulty finding and/or seeing home plate while throwing 100mph fastballs but he does a terrific job as our advance scout. Todd Zeile played for nearly every team in baseball and is well equipped to handle the farm system.


The front office personnel are personal favorites... Media relations boss is Muhammad Ali who is the most outspoken and confident man I've ever seen. He iinvented trash talking, backing that up and quite comfortable in front of the media... Stadium security is now in the hands of 6'4", 18 inch biceps, Jason Momoa. He's a large well chiseled human!... Our head trainer is the best softball pitcher in Team USA history, Jennie Finch... Formula 1 racing to me is a passion only surpassed by baseball. Those laser focused eyes below belong to one of the best ever drivers, Aryton Senna a three time champion... Our mascot, not only for the kids but me too, is Foghorn Leghorn ... In the broadcast booth we have Syracuse University alumni Bob Costas along with two great analysts, Ken Singleton plus Jeff Nelson. Handling the Spanish side of the broadcast team are Luis "El Tiante" Tiant who should be in the MLB Hall of Fame & HOF'er Mariano Rivera.


Our minor league teams are home to our prospects, projects and suspects. The AAA level it's the Syracuse Chiefs and the ballpark is "The Prism". Managing is THE Carlos Santana. They have two professional softball players as hitting coaches that I've competed against and a former MLB pitcher that I consider a friend... The Chiefs trainers are ... shall we say interesting ... Attendance for the Chiefs home games is incredible because the music is provided by Pink Floyd live. Their radio (no TV) broadcast team is a riot. Our two lower levels are; AA ball Haudenosaunee Nation and Rookie/A ball, it's Woodstock Nation.


In our 40+ years of being in the RCMBA we've had over 700 players take the field. If you wish to see the best of them, our all-time team and record books, are here.


As you enter Justice Park from the clubhouse, is a sign placed by former GM Catfish Hunter







Our current roster





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