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VOLUME:XLVII ... June 1, 2021



jul1jul4It's a special time of year. Canada celebrates becoming Canada and we celebrate saying we didn't want a king making our decisions. It is really hot so far this summer as we tick up the climate change ladder a little more. It also feels very good to wander around without a mask and feel safe. My section of NY is about 70% fully vaccinated. Back to RCMBA land, we are halfway into our season, Bill Parcells has reappeared on the Standings page to tell you what you look like and the Wild Card chase has now reappeared on the Standings page. Time to check out what remains of any pennant races.



There is no pennant race here. Albuquerque rolls on toward a possible record total of wins with a pace for 127 of 'em. They have an 18 game lead after cruising through June with an 18-9 (8-5h) mark. In series play the Horsemen are unbeaten and have a 9-0-1 home/10-0-0 away record. Chugging along in second place we have Knob Noster. The Knuckleheads were 17-10 (10-3h) last month and they are 8-2-0h/6-4-0 in series play. It's a three way fight going on for third place. Right now Havre de Grace holds it, 35 out of first. The Bucs were not good 9-18 (4-9h) in June and in series' they are 3-6-1h/3-6-1a. Kentucky and Uniontown are tied for 4th place, two back of the Bucs. The Bourbons were 11-16 (6-7h) last month and have a series record of 3-6-1h/2-7-1a. The Raiders also posted an 11-16 (5-8h) record in June. They're 4-4-2h/1-8-1a in series play.


CARAY DIV: mustang2

A hot race going on for this flag. Laurel Highlands takes over the top spot after their 12-6 (6-3h) June. The Mustangs are 5-4-0 home/6-1-2 away in series play. Just one game back of them is Western NY. The North Stars had a 10-8 (5-4h) month, have a series record of 7-2-0h/7-2-0a. Comfortably settled into third place, 17 out of first, is Centralia. The Minefires were 12-6 (5-4h) last month and their series record is 3-5-1h/5-4-0a. It's a dead heat for 4th or last depending on your view. Both teams are 28 out of first and a long way from even third place. Lincoln was 5-13 (3-6h) in June and the Lightning have a 2-6-1h/2-7-0a series record. Syracuse is tied with them after their best month of the year 9-9 (5-4h) record. The Blues are 1-7-1h/2-7-0a in series play.


ALLEN DIV: fatcats2

Is this a pennant race? Not much of one if it is. Ottawa holding onto first place after their 16-11 (9-5h) month and up nine. The Fat Cats are 7-1-1 in home series' and 8-1-0 away. Bennett Run is chasing them and lost a couple games to Ottawa last month. The Boilermakers were 14-13 (7-7h) in June and have a series record of 5-4-0h/4-3-2a. In third place, 14 games out of first is Burnsville. The Blaze had a really good 17-10 (10-4h) month to pick up some games and their series record is 6-3-0h/4-3-2a. Fourth place is Etiwanda now 25 out of first. The Anteaters month of June record was a deflating 11-16 (6-8h) to go along with their 3-5-1h/3-6-0a series mark. Sin City at the bottom in this one and now 36 out of first. The Knights had a horrible 8-19 (4-10h) record last month and their series mark is 0-9-0h/1-7-1a.



wny2 knob2 bm2

WNY holding the top WC playoff slot. Knob Noster is 3.5 back of them and Bennett Run is five back. The best chance of the rest to get into the playoffs is Burnsville. They are 5 behind Bennett Run. The rest of the league is playing under 500 ball and playoff chances are not looking good. Centralia right now is best of the rest and they are 11 behind the Boilermakers.


rolzlogoON LINE GAMES: Mike's Horsemen have a spectacular 43-5 mark! Lot's of fun watching them hammer you isn't it? Randy's Bourbons are a disappointing 9-30 on-line. Ken's K'heads have the most games on line but he can't be happy about the rather blah 28-29. Mark G's Mustangs are enjoying Rolz more this year with a tidy 29-8 record. Word is they'll get some face to face games in July. Mark F's Cats have an decent 16-11 record. Ed's Raiders on-line record is a sorry 9-21 and they will be hosting some face to face games with LHi. My Blues are an ugly and depressing 5-32. Joe's North Stars on- line games are 3-6.

TEAM STATS: Guess who has a slash line of 270/347/555? Yeah, it's Albuquerque. The details behind those stats show they've collected 300+ more total bases, 60 + more extra base hits, put 200+ more runners on base, hit 40+ more homers, scored 80+ more runs than anyone else. It's even more impressive when you look at their home 290/390/575 stats. Looking elsewhere on the hitting side. Knob Noster has over 800 hits while Sin City isn't quite at 600. The K'heads second best at big flies are getting close to 200 homers. Centralia & Etiwanda happy to finally pass 100 dingers. Ottawa is best at hitting doubles showing their warning track power. Four teams have collected over 300 walks. Albuquerque, Bennett Run, Syracuse and Havre de Grace. That breeze you feel is coming from Kentucky as they whiff but some of that comes from their running as they steal bases way better than anyone else. The Bourbons are also very good at getting drilled. Holy smokes that GiDP total for Laurel Highlands is incredible! That error total by Havre de Grace shows their defense has to be an issue. There is absolutely no error issue when Burnsville plays at home! Jeez! Boring you a bit more, the Horsemen pitching is recording the best team ERA. Sin City does not show that. That said the Knights are quite proud of their complete games stat. Laurel Highlands has a nice Shutout record and they don't give up many homers either. You gotta hit the ball when Burnsville or Centralia pitchers are on the mound. They've barely passed 200. Albuquerque pitchers stink at throwing strikes. It felt good to say that. Nobody is better at posting K's than Knob Noster.


PLAYER STATS: freddieyu Still got six hitters over 300 and Willi Castro (Alb) continues leading the pack. Freddie Freeman (Ott) hasn't slipped in the big stats. He's tops in OPS with a plus 1000. He's second in slugging and on base to go along with being 3rd in average. Paul Goldschmidt (LHi) is also having a good year. He's number two in OPS, third in on base, hitting over 300 and top 10 slugging. It's Mookie Betts (Kno) on top in RBI but he's only 1 ahead of teammate Jose Abreu (Kno) who happens to be the Home Run leader and the most extra base hits. Only one behind him in homers is Luke Voit (Syr). We have eight players with 100+ hits and comfortably leading that stat is Trea Turner (Kno) & he's also tied for the lead in 2B with Jose Iglesias (Ott). Raul Mondesi (Ken) is way out in front in steals with more than twice the amount of second best. Brandon Belt (Alb) with a large lead in drawing walks. Then we have not so good stuff. Joey Gallo (Ken) has whiffed more than anyone else which is probably one of the reasons he's has the worst average in the league..... On the hill there are six qualified with ERA's in the two's. Yu Darvish (LHi) on top. Jacob deGrom (WNY) has the most wins with zero losses and he's 2nd in ERA. Aaron Civale (Sin) leads the third big pitching stat with over 150 k's while sporting a 5 ERA. We have Darvish & deGrom the top two in WHIP. It's Liam Hendriks (WNY) top dog in saves. Patrick Corbin (Sin) & Luke Weaver (Lin) best at losing games. Mike Minor (Lin) is the lone qualifier with an ERA in the 7's to get the worst pitcher belt. In the stathead area Brad Keller (Ben) tops in H/9 at 4.4, Kyle Hendricks (Ben) has a 10.5 K/BB ratio and Shane Bieber (Bur) with a K/9 over 11.


PAGE TWO: hiurahahn We have three players hitting 500 and tops of them in Garrett Hampson (Utw) who's 2 for 4. Ke'Bryan Hayes (Ken) is 366 (67/183ab) & Jon Berti (Ott) at 362 (17/47) lead the rest of the league and at the other end we'll find Kolten Wong (Utw) who is 0 for 21... Brandon Belt (Alb) has scored 86 runs... There are three tied in caught stealing four times but Raimel Tapia (Eti) the worst at 4 for 8 tries while Xander Bogaerts (Hav) is a perfect 0 in his 17 successful tries... Keston Hiura (Lin) and Ramon Laureano (Hav) have been hit 19 times and Marcel Ozuna (Alb) has never been hit during 425pa's... Rowdy Tellez & Jose Abreu (Kno) have 6 sac flies and David Fletcher (Ben) has 4 good bunts... Manny Machado (LHi) is best at hitting into DP's with 21 which is something Ke'Bryan Hayes (Ken) has never done in 198pa's... Jurickson Profar (Hav) has made 21 errors... We have 39 position players yet to get into a game... Three pitchers with 0.00 ERA's with Jesse Hahn (Ben) at 9.7ip the best and the worst ERA is Steven Matz (Sin) at 10.38 (8.7ip)... Of the 29 undefeated pitchers the best is Jacob deGrom (WNY) at 14-0 while at the other end we 23 winless pitchers and Kyle Freeland is bottom man at 0-12... Luke Weaver (Lin) has a league best 15 complete games & 66 walks over 142.0ip... Sonny Gray (Hav) has thrown 3 shutout... Aaron Civale (Sin) has been taken deep 33 times in 171.9ip and we have Tanner Rainey (Syr) with zero in 27.7ip... Caleb Thielbar (Bur) has been in 43 games and at 0 games we have 15 pitchers... Stathead time: Jesse Hahn (Ben) with 0.21 WHIP (9.7ip) and Luis Patino (Lin) at 2.71 (7.0ip). Trevor Rosenthal (Bur) has 14.7 K/9 ratio on 27.0ip. Tony Watson (Cen) with 14.0 K/BB rate. One more of H/9 rate and Jesse Hahn is at 0.0 over 9.7ip.





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santiagoromo Hector Santiago (Sea) became the first ejected for violating the foreign substance rule this year. "I think once they take it back and check, it’s just sweat and rosin. They’re going to inspect it and all this science stuff and it’s going to be sweat and rosin", Santiago said. They didn't find that. In fact MLB didn't do anything with the glove to determine what if anything was on it. Basically saying, it was just another ejection. They issued a 10 game suspension. Sergio Romo seeing the umps approach him for the inspection, flipped his glove to the ground along with his hat. Unbuckled his belt, tossed it to the ground and pulled his pants down to his thighs.