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VOLUME:XLIX ... Feb 1, 2023






amishAfter a two year pause it's back to Lancaster!! This time about half of the league will be present for our annual draft. We are again back at the Holiday Inn Express in Strasburg. Joining me for the weekend will be Mark Gaudiano, Joe Jutzi, Joe Reagan, Rnady Prichard, Jim Kockler and Ed Morgans will be there all day Saturday. The weather looks like it'll cooperate for the entire weekend. Seeing everyone again in person is the best part becaue sadly, as we found out, you never know when it becomes impossible to see someone again. If you need to contact me it's 315.345.9218


The draft itself will begin on Saturday the 4th, at noon but let's get in the Rolz room around 10-15 minutes before that so we know everyone is there. We will be using as usual and the room name will be "RCMBA23". No space. If you haven't been on Rolz lately their home page has changed a bit. If you need some help getting to the right place on Rolz, we have directions on our website. You go to the TEAMS page and in the upper left corner you click on "RCMBA/APBA Files for download & ROLZ instructions". Scroll down that page and you'll see pictures/instructions about where to go on their homepage and what to do... Briefly it's select "Dice Rooms", then scroll down to "Try Rolz without an account", enter your team name, agree, then "Try Rolz". Once in, just top in the box at bottom of page.


You all have received the cut down rosters and new free agent files along with a draft sheet that should print on one page. If for some reason you are not going to be able to draft on the 4th at noon, please provide someone with your draft list or you will be making your selections from the trash no one else wanted.





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rolenmcgriff Scott Rolen will be joining Fred McGriff in Cooperstown this year. A couple of others got close. I really wish the BBWAA would adjust their rules to only having players on their ballots for three years or less. It makes little sense to have someone be voted in after being rejected for 4-10 years. I am a "Small Hall" guy and believe that if you have to think about whether someone should be in the Hall, even just a little bit, then he shouldn't. Quite a few, maybe even a lot of the players recently voted in shouldn't be there. They are really good players but not just flat out incredible. Then there is the clown show, recurring different committee's MLB has come up with that are nothing more than groups that like their friends and put them in the Hall just because they need to do something to justify their existence.


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