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VOLUME:XLVII ... March 1, 2021



Since next month's news will be filled with predictions from you and Dickie V, this is a good time to discuss some upcoming changes. I don't mean RCMBA changes but what MLB has done to the rules of how a baseball game is played. You may not like some of them. I don't like some of them. The bottom line is get used it.


rulesRoster Size..... Regular season active roster will be 28. Likely headed back to 26 next year but for us, this year, it's 28. Rather than change our Constitution now and then remember to change it back next year, any reference you see regarding it as 26, just think 28.


Roster makeup..... Regular season active roster restriction of no more than 13 pitchers was waived in 2020. So for us, this year, you can have as many pitchers as you like on your active roster.


Relief Pitcher usage..... This new 2020 MLB rule we postponed for a year and is now in effect. This new permanent MLB rule basically says, all pitchers -- both starters and relievers -- now have to face at least three batters or the inning ends before they can be taken out of the game. The only exception is an injury or illness that prevents the pitcher from being able to finish his three batters.... EXAMPLES:


Extra innings, man on 2nd..... The runner placed on second base at the start of each half-inning shall be the player (or a substitute) in the batting order immediately preceding that half-inning’s leadoff hitter. By way of example, if the number five hitter in the batting order is due to lead off the tenth inning, the number four player in the batting order (or a pinchrunner) shall begin the inning on second base. NOTE: if the player in the batting order immediately preceding that half-inning’s leadoff hitter is the pitcher, the runner placed on second base at the start of that half-inning may be the player preceding the pitcher in the batting order... This MLB rule appears to be permanent.


A refresher on RCMBA rules. (1) Any pitcher recording -- less than 6 -- outs in a game, is exempt from ANY rest requirements. Meaning he can start or relieve in the next game. (2) Any starter pitcher recording -- 6 or more -- outs in a game must rest for 3 days before pitching in any capacity. (3) All relievers are reduced to grade D after recording 6 outs, unless he is averages over 2.0 ip as a reliever. Those pitchers have their relief innings shaded green on your roster AND YOU SHOULD NOTE THAT IN YOUR INSTRUCTIONS.


What else is going on? Everyone is doing okay as far as I know. Quite a number of our managers are itching to get the season underway. We also have some who like to continue trading (duh) as we head toward yet another 300 deal off-season. Jurickson Profar has been dumped into 12 different trades (not the 9 recently noted) giving him a farcical traveling ownership of HAV to LHI to WNY to LHI to CEN to SYR to CEN to WNY to HAV to SIN to CEN to HAV to WNY to HAV. In spite of things like that and similar use of Michael Pineda, Whit Merrifield and Kolten Wong as land fill, we've had 262 different players traded yet I've heard some irritation regarding offers that are declined. Really!? Maybe the guy should have said yes but he didn't. You didn't get what you wanted. So what, move on.





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Minor Leagues reorganized & Robb Manfred is happy about that. "We are excited to unveil this new model, which not only provides a pipeline to the Majors, but continues the Minor Leagues’ tradition of entertaining millions of families in hundreds of communities,” Commissioner Rob Manfred said. “In modernizing our Minor League system, we prioritized the qualities that make the Minor Leagues such an integral part of our game while strengthening how we develop professional athletes on and off the field. We look forward to demonstrating the best of our game throughout local communities, supporting all those who are working hard to grow the sport, and sharing unrivaled technology and resources with Minor League teams and players."


milbNo more International League or Pacific Coast or Texas League or Pioneer League. All that is gone. Now it's just vanilla names of :


The New York Yankees played 26 doubleheaders in 1938. Ten of them took place in August, six in a seven-day stretch.

Aroldis Chapman has 276 saves and has issued three intentional walks. Kent Tekulve had 184 saves and issued 179 intentional walks.

Hall of Fame first baseman George Sisler has the most seasons (four) of a 0.00 ERA in MLB history. Sisler pitched six innings over those fours years. All told, he logged a 2.35 ERA over 111 big-league innings.

Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth each scored 2,174 runs. Aaron drove in 2,297 runs; Ruth drove in 2,214.

Cecil Fielder hit 319 home runs on 5939 plate appearances

Prince Fielder hit 319 home runs on 5853 PA

Jim Brosnan is the only pitcher to have faced Hank Aaron at least 50 times without surrendering a home run. Brosnan is also the only pitcher to give up a walk-off, inside-the-park grand slam. Roberto Clemente was the batter.


Bob Sheppard says: Nolan Arenado/StL (R-enado), Luis Arraez/Min (AH-rise), Alec Bohm/Phi (BOWM), Jazz Chishom/Mia (Chiz-um), Max Fried/Atl (Freed), Robert Gsellman/NYM (guh-SELL-man); Luis Guillorme/NYM (gee-YOR-may), Mitch Haniger/Sea (Han-ah-grr), Carter Kieboom/Was (key-boom), Tyler Mahle/Con (MAY-lee), Nick Margevicius/Sea (mahr-GAH-vih-chus), Jurickson Profar/SD (trav-uh-ler), Rafael Devers/Bsx (DEHV-ers), Anthony Santander/Bal (sohn-tohn-dare), Eugenio Suarez/Cin (first name is AY-you-hay-nee-oh), Jamieson Taillon/NYY (Tie-own), Fernando Tatis/SD (tah-TEESE), Gio Urshela/NYY (ur-shell-ah), Jonathan Villar/Tor (vee-are)