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VOLUME:XLIX ... September 1, 2023






citiTerrific news: Dennis Dvorak gets to ring the bell as a cancer survivor!!... Bob Fenili sent in a picture of his bicycle ride on the Tour de France course earlier this month. He's not gonna catch the Peloton with that setup.


All this month you can have 30 players (NOT 36) active each series and of those 30 only 14 can be pitchers. I did send everyone an email saying those exact words. Yet I need to mention it again because that was still a question several days ago. Sigh... Each and every month I've been sending you your monthly stats so you are quite aware of how many games/innings each player has available. No excuse regarding losing a player to free agency because of overuse... Just 32 games left and we still have a heckuva pennant fight going on the Harwell Division between Knob Noster & Albuquerque. The Wildcard scrum looks settled but it's not locked in by any means... We are up to 251 games being played on-line/face to face this year which is about 25% of all games. It's by far the best and most enjoyable way to play games. Nothing like talking with a friend while having fun.



Good race going on here. Knob Noster continues to stay on top with a two game edge after posting an 11-7 (6-3h) last month. The K'heads are 19-6-3 (9-4-1h) in series play and have a whopping +222 in run differential. Albuquerque in 2nd and still dogging the K'head was also 11-7 (5-4h) in August. The Horsemen are +92 in run diff and their series record is 20-6-2 (9-4-1h). In third and 9 games out is Kentucky, who were 9-9 (5-4h) last month. The Blue Grass Boppers are 16-8-4 (9-3-2h) in series play and they're outscoring the other guys by 55. Fourth still belongs to Uniontown, 27 games back. The Raiders were not pretty 6-12 (4-5h) in August and they have a series record of 8-16-4 (5-8-1h) with a run diff of -96. At the bottom after an 8-10 (4-5h) August, is Havre de Grace 38 games out. The Bucs are an ugly -210 in run diff with a series record of 4-22-2 (2-12-0h)



This one is about done. Syracuse built up it's lead to 8 games after a ridiculous 15-3 (9-0h!) run in August. The Blue have a series record of 21-6-1 (10-4-0h) and their run differential is +148. Rochester in second, 8 back after an 8-10 (5-4h) month. The Robins have a +50 run diff and a series mark of 18-7-3 (9-3-2h). Pretty good battle going on for third place in this division. Right now Laurel Highlands holds it and they're 31 out of first. The Mustangs were a sad 7-11 (2-7h) in August, a they have a run diff of -93 with a series record of 7-17-4 (4-8-2h). Just 2 games behind them is Philadelphia/Iron City who posted a 10-8 (5-4h) record last month. The Quakers are 4-19-5 (2-9-3h) in series play along with a -124 run diff. In last but only a game back of Philly is Lincoln after a dismal 5-13 (2-7h) record in August. The Lightning are -123 in run diff and their series record stands at 5-16-7 (3-7-4h).



Yawn. This race is burnt toast. Ottawa has a 14 game lead and in August they were 10-8 (6-3h). The Fat Cats have an inpressive +204 run differential along with a series record of 19-5-4 (12-1-1h). Atlanta closed the gap a bit in August on a 12-6 (5-4h) mark but it's still a large 14 games back. The Black Crackers are 14-9-5 (6-4-4h) and have outscored the other guys by just 8 runs. Third place only 3 behind Atlanta is Burnsville who checked in with a 12-6 (5-4h) record last month. The Blaze are +88 in run diff with a series record of 14-13-1 (8-5-1). Etiwanda got trampled a bit last month going 4-14 (3-6h) and are now 28 games out of first. The Anteaters are -98 in run diff and their season series record is 10-17-1 (6-7-1h). Last place 34 games out we find Bennett Run after going 7-11 (3-6h) last month. The Boilermakers are 7-17-4 (3-8-3h) in series play and a not easy on the eyrs -123 in run diff.



Same three teams in these playoff slots as last month. Rochester moving 1 game better than Kentucky into the 5th seed. The only two teams with a shot at bumping someone out. Atlanta, 4 behind Kentucky and Burnsville is just 7 out despite the selloff last month. The rest are just jockeying for drafting slots.



Hitting: Knob Noster tops everyone in runs scored and at the other end Havre de Grace is more 200 less. The K'heads (1987) are best in total bases and Havre de Grace (1459) is again the worst. Extra base hit leaders are the Knobbies (506) tied with Fat Cats and Bennett Run (356) prefers one base at a time. Just pure ISO power hitting has Ottawa (227) the best and Etiwanda (135) the worst. Syracuse (1462) has put a league best runners on base while Havre de Grace (1138) the fewest. Philadelphia has 75 more doubles than Bennett Run. Kentucky has four times more triples than Etiwanda or Burnsville. Kentucky is also tops in steals with over 100 which isn't something Uniontown is interested in doing. Lincoln is almost up to 500 walks and while once again we find the Bucs last and yet to get 200. The Anteaters and K'heads just a touch over 1000 whiffs while the long walk back to the duguout leader is Ottawa as they close fast on 1300. The Fat Cats have hit into almost 50 less doubleplays than Philadelphia and they're best at not making errors and the worst gloves are found at Laurel Highlands who've made twice as many.

Pitching: Knob Noster, Albuquerque and Burnsville almost dead even in ERA while Lincoln ERA is more than one and half runs worse. Knob Noster closing on 20 shutouts and Havre de Grace not yet at 5. Burnsville just a bit over 400 runs allowed while Lincoln just passed 650. Knob Noster & Syracuse pitchers are at or barely above 150 dingers while Lincoln hurlers give up about 50 more. Syracuse the lone team with 1300+ K's and we have three teams not yet at 1000. The Blue are the only team with 10.0 K/9 rate while the Bucs and Quakers are even at 7.5. Albuquerque & Burnsville have a team WHIP under 1 and then we see Lincoln isn't gonna get close to that. In case you wondered Kentucky plus Albuquerque pitchers have more than 1180 ip and Lincoln, Burnsville, Rochester under 1150



friedschwarbThe Aaron Judge (Syr) show continues on with him leading the league in Average (316), On Base (409), Slugging (772), OPS (1181) and over 90 extra base hits, 100 rbi and 60 bombs. His teammate Freddie Freeman (Syr) is #1 in hits, doubles, 2nd to Judge in OPS, OBP, extra base hits and third best in Average and Slugging. Pretty good one-two punch. Steven Kwan (Phi) is 2nd best in average and one of three hitting over 300. Kyle Schwarber (Ken) just one away from 100 rbi. Ahmed Rosario (Ken) is still a couple up on Kwan for the triples crown. Juan "Teddy Ballgame" Soto (Lin) is 35 better than anyone else in drawing walks. Jorge Mateo (Ott) top dog in steals but not by much. Matt Olson (Bur) and Dansby Swanson (Atl) are both flaying away and over 160 in whiffs. Jake Cronenworth (Utw) has taken over the lead as the Worst Hitter and Miguel Rojas (Phi) is the pathetic OPS leader..... On the Hill: We have six qualified pitchers with ERA's under three and Joe "Wet Ears" Musgrove (Kno) the best. He's also third in wins and 4th in WHIP. Cal Quantrill (Ott) the lone pitcher with 16 wins. Two guys with 100+ K's and Corbin Burnes (Alb) the top man. The Ratio section finds Max Fried (Alb) is #1 in WHIP but not by much, Gerrit Cole (Syr) & Kevin Gausman (Kno) with the best K/9. Tristan McKenzie (Alb) is league best in K/BB. Max Fried (Alb) is also best of two with H/9 ratio under five. Nice pitching staff for Horsemen, isn't it? Saves Leader aka Who close for Robins, is Edwin Diaz (Roc). Three qualified pitchers have an ERA in the fives and Jose Urquidy (Hav) almost at five and a half! Nick Pivetta (Phi) and Patrick Sandoval (Utw) have lost the most games which isn't something you want.



sandytreaThe very best Batting Average (438) & OPS (1408) belong to Jonathan India (Roc) on his 7 for 16 and dead last in this is Adam Frazier (Roc) who is 000 on 8 at bats but we give a little tip of the cap to Nolan Gorman (Atl) who is 1 for 23. Aaron Judge (Syr) has 365 total bases as Myles Straw (Phi) & Leody Taveras (Utw) are trying to get to 1. Aaron Judge (Syr) has scored 105 runs which is something Nolan Gorman (Atl) has never done. Trea Turner (Kno) & Nico Hoerner (Ben) have been caught stealing 8 times while Kolten Wong (Ott) has a perfect 25 for 25 in steals. Andres Gimenez (Ken) has been hit 26 times (531 PA), 0 times for Matt Olson (Bur) in his 540 PA's. Miguel Rojas (Phi) horrific at OPS but he's tied with Nolan Arenado (Roc) for the lead in Sac Flies at 6. Three players have hit into 15 GiDP's and Andrew Vaughn (Alb) leads them by doing it in just 428 PA's which has never happened to Danny Jansen (Bur) in 214 PA's. Dr Stoneglove is Trea Turner (Kno) who's made 35 errors..... Best ERA you ask? That's Johan Oviedo (Phi) at 0.00 on 5.3ip who just beat Liam Hendriks (Roc) 1.04 on 43.3ip and way at the other end it's Matt Brash (Atl) with a 10.73 ERA in his 24.3ip. Of the 12 pitchers with 1000 WL%, Trevor Stephan is 3-0 and of the 27 at 000% it's Freddy Peralta (Lin) the worst at 0-7. Brock Burke (Bur) has been in 72 games with 73.0ip. Corey Kluber (Bur) has 7 complete games. Graham Ashcraft (Phi) has tossed 3 shutouts. Sandy Alcantara has given up 36 bombs in 195ip while Alex Cobb (Bur) has never been taken deep in 31ip. Martin Perez (Roc) has walked 63 in 162.3ip. Pete Fairbanks (Ott) has a 16.2 K/9 with 20 whiffs in 11ip and at the other end Zack Greinke (Hav) has a 4.0 K/9 on 61 over 137ip. Matt Brash (Atl) still has that disgusting 2.14 WHIP in 24.3ip and Emmanuel Clase (Alb) is at very tidy 0.53 on 37.7ip..... Special note of "Really?!", for Sandy Alcantara (Eti). In August he made 4 starts/27ip and gave up 37 hits, walked 15, 12 dingers and 30 earned runs for a 10.33 ERA which took his season ERA from 2.36 to 3.42







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out I've seen a lot of really dumb base running this year. People jogging while trying to score. Giancarlo Stanton in particular who seems to have a giant cement block dragging behind him when he tries to run. I saw Luis Medina (Oak) field a grounder, then loped to first base, while his 1B stood was in postition and the batter beat him there for a hit. I've seen numerous and I mean lots and lots of runners on 2nd and a grounder is hit to the shortstop. Yah know right in front of the runner and yet the idiot tries to get to third and is easily thrown out. Maybe watching Yankee games provides me more opportunity to see that..... I have to question how some Official Scorers keep their job. A ball hit directly to a fielder, not even requiring him to move, muffed and yet the hitter gets a hit because it was hit hard. A guy hits a ball to 3B, he fields it and throws short to 1B and it clearly beats the runner to first but the firstbasemen dropped it. I mean like two/three feet it beats him but the batter gets a hit because he hit the ball hard. Pahleeze! These are the Major Leagues, not Rookie ball..... Stealing home was something Ty Cobb did it 54 times, (8 in 1912) and that record is pretty safe. In 2023 there have been 11 steals of home. Willi Castro (Min) has 3 of the 11.


Money can buy you happiness and success. On August 29th 2023, hmm maybe not. NY Mets ($353M), NY Yankees ($276M) and San Diego Padres ($248M). That's $887,000,000 combined Benjamin's. The result: Mets 60-72 last place, Yankees are 63-68 last place, Padres are 62-70, fourth place. The lowest payrolls are Oakland ($56M), Baltimore ($60M) and Tampa Bay ($73M). Those are barely over Verlander's salary which has returned Oakland 38-94 dead last, Baltimore is 82-49 in 1st, Tampa 80-52, second and two games behind them.

Conclusion: The dollar ain't what it used to be. Scouting, drafting and extracting talent beats money every day of the week.