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VOLUME:XLVII ... January 1, 2021



HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. I hope this year will be a lot more enjoyable and it's a really low bar to get there. Along those lines I'm hoping MLB can give us 162 games.

The official APBA data is here and I've provided everyone with that information. That'll be useful as we head toward the cut down date ahead on the 27th & draft on the 30th. We'll be using room RCMBA2021 for the draft. As for what you are doing in the draft or trading it's important to know that since we play by the same rules as MLB, new rules for our 2021 season:


Not at all the opinion of others but this is how I will remember this disgusting, horrific dumpster fire 2020 year:



An amusing look and read if you have Microsoft Word: How Dave Barry remembers 2020


"F*** off 2020"





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Time to remember those who won't be with us in 2021:

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Rest in peace