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VOLUME:XLV ... February 1, 2019




What a great time in Lancaster!! This year 12 of our 15 made it to Amish country for the Draft and mighty fine dining. My day was getting up at the crack of dawn, warming up the car and away we go. Slowly at first through the snow squall. Arriving in Lancaster after about four and half hours where snow doesn't exist. I got the list of rooms and knocked on Bob Dowrick's door for our first face to face meeting. Joe & Jason Skovran were also there because the three flew into Baltimore earlier in the day. One by one everyone got there including Randy & Marie who battled a slow leaking tire that needed filling every couple hundred miles.


Once we all got together it was decided that Miller's Smorgasborg was the place to eat dinner and after dumping $28 we feasted. There's 12 of those buffet tables shown in picture below. Back to the hotel we gathered in my suite. Not a room mind you. A suite! We talked about the draft, who might pick who, how long, fill in the blank, would last, this team needs this, how many times will Chris pick someone who was already taken. There were debates about who's team is better, was better, will be better. Soon it was late and old people need their sleep. Next morning, almost as early as the day before, off to a new location for pre-draft breakfast with Ed Morgans joining us for the day. Katie's Kitchen was a new spot. Excellent service and food with normal prices. I can't tell you when I last paid for the pre-draft breakfast. Mark, every year pays for it after losing the bet that he won't trade anymore. On returning to the hotel we all gathered in the lobby next to HIE breakfast area. Pretty nice free spread they put out each morning. A little before noon Joe Skovran made Ronald Acuna Jr the #1 pick and we actually had the entire first round done before noon. About 3pm, with the 165th pick Joe Skovran closed the draft with Mr Irrelavant Alen Hanson. I want to note that Chris Uhlhorn did NOT select a single person previously picked. How about that?! Two major names got dealt as soon as the draft closed, Scherzer and Yelich. Several more deals were announced and we all pretty much just stayed there wheeling, dealing and talking about the draft until it was dinner time. The Fireside Tavern was the choice for that evening which is on the other side of the hotel parking lot. A bit costly but good food with incredibly slow service. Back to the hotel and more deals, getting the total up to ten, while watching Kentucky win and Syracuse get embarrassed by Virginia Tech. We also got some casino Blackjack tips from Ken Brand, Bob Dowrick and the Skovrans. Back in my room several of us debated, agreed and boasted about not only APBA but baseball and even world affairs which signals it may be time for bed. Mike Fisher & I ended the talking around 1AM. Next morning the Rockvale Diner was our breakfast location and eventually it was time to say goodbye and head for home until we all hopefully meet again next year.



I had a great time and I think everyone else did too. When people are flying here from Florida, driving from the other side of the Mississippi River and all over the east coast just to meet each other is awesome. Getting to sit down and just talk about whatever with friends you've known for years is just as special to me. It doesn't get much better than that and I really appreciate everyone caring that much to get together.






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sandmanOur newest group of inductees are truly deserving of the honor. Mike Mussina pitching in the ALE all those years and have over 100 more wins than losses. His induction leaves Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens as the only two with that stat and not in the Hall... Edgar Martinez was an incredible hitter. He had an eye condition which he describes as having a slow eye. His right eye didn't focus quickly causing him to have a blind spot and to correct that he practiced daily for hours with a pitching machine spitting out tennis balls with numbers. Eventually he could read some of the numbers... Roy Halladay, in his fourth year of MLB time, was 18-17 with 4.95 ERA when he was demoted to A ball. He worked with Mel Queen to completely alter his pitching mechanics. On returning to the MLB, he was 186-88 with 3.17 ERA over the final 12 yrs of his career... Mariano Rivera became the first player ever elected to the HOF unanimously. Obviously the greatest relief pitcher in the history of the game who not only posted 11 years with an ERA in the ones but was even better in post season when facing the best other teams had to offer. An 0.70 post-season ERA over 141 innings including 58 multiple inning appearances. He was a busted shortstop and starting pitcher who threw hard after his TJ surgery but pretty much just straight gas. He discovered his deadly cutter in the middle of 1997 season to dominate for the rest of his career. A true gentle man who not once ever showboated or boasted about himself. A deeply religious man he always praised God for what he was given. Am I a bit biased about this? Yes. I have one autographed photo in my house. "Mariano Rivera - Enter Sandman"