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VOLUME:XLIV ... March 1, 2018




boilerA stunning announcement for everyone: After requesting and being denied funds/financing for a new stadium, the Red Lion Steamer organization has relocated to Bennett Run and will be known as the Bennett Run Boilermakers. Team owner Ed Morgans said, "Sad that we couldn't continue to reside in Red Lion but Bennett Run offered us a new home and was more than willing to hand us a barrel full of money."


edgarSpeaking of cash, I want to thank everyone that has contributed to operating this league. Your support is greatly appreciated..... In light of the coming of Ohtani and the already arrived Chris Gimenez, I want to point out that you should read Section XII of our Constitution (MLB Rule 5.11)(8)(12)(14) regarding the DH and potential loss of same when a pitcher takes another position or a position player pitches..... Tip of the cap to Joe Jutzi was has completed at least one trade with every team. That's hard to do..... We are almost at 200 trades and some may wonder if that nearing a record? Not even close. In 2015 we racked up 275 trades. Who's the most popular? It is wildly amusing to try and figure out why someone is dealt so many times. Wanted? Mistake? Too risky? Relative? Jackie "JBJ" Bradley Jr leads this group being dealt 10 times. Why? You got me. Neil Walker and Brandon Drury have hit the highway 9 times. Then you have 8 deals made for Broxton, McCutchen & Solarte. Last week we not only saw Bob Fenili make two trades in same week but Andy Jeschke actually made a trade!


jdmartzThe new card set. There are five C9 catchers, eight 1B5, five 2B9, one 3B6 (Arenado) & five 3B5, fifteen SS9, forty-eight OF3. Not counting pitching, there are fifteen guys who can play every position except catcher + Andrew Romine who can play anywhere on the field..... On the mound there are five SP's at Grade A (Kluber, Kershaw, Scherzer, Strasburg, Peacock) and thirty-eight Grade B. In relief there are nine AC* and thirty-seven A*..... Hitting we have four Stanton, Olson, Hoskins, JD Martinez with 1-1-1. There are eleven with five power numbers and two of them Jose Ramirez & Mike Trout also have an 11. Seven guys with six 14s. Two guys (Flowers & Gomez) with twin 42s. There's six with 15=11/25=11 and they would be DeShields, D Gordon, Marte, Merrifield, Revere, M Smith. Three 31s you ask? LeMahieu, Mauer, Altuve. JaCoby Jones has thirteen 13s and Keon Broxton has 12. Four guys (Kemp, Y Escobar, S Turner, Granite) with six 24s. Kevin Pillar has 31 second column one's. Chris Gimenez has 23 second column singles..... The best card in the set? I think J.D. Martinez's 1-1-1-6-6-10-14x4 wins but Jose Altuve & Mike Trout have some traction too. Worst card is easy. That's Cody Asche's 5-8-8-14-42.


The new rules regarding Shohei Otani & Chris Gimenez types have been entered in the Constitution in Section II - Player Limits & Eligibility. It basically says if pitcher goes to another position it counts as one game against his non pitcher defense limits whether he bats or not and the amount a position player can pitch is restricted on the amount and when he can pitch. As noted above please review Section XII, MLB rule 5.11 which is in our Constitution.


At the end of this month, date is below, we will end our trading and begin our season. As usual Dickie V will check in with his outlook in April and as we did last year, I'll invite you to tell us about your team. I'll send out an email about halfway through March to remind everyone.






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replay««« This is the reason games take longer including waiting 30 seconds for the replay tech guy looking at a play. How about making the manager immediately decide, using his own eyeballs, to tell him whether to challenge or not. That said, MLB says the below is going to help for now.


MLB has imposed stricter limits on mound visits by players in an effort to speed games but decided against 20-second pitch clocks for 2018. After more than a year of negotiations, the Major League Baseball Players Association refused to agree to the changes but also signed an agreement that it will not oppose the rules. The amendments to the playing rules announced Monday include a general limit of six mound visits per nine-inning game without a pitching change, whether by a manager, coach or player. "I am pleased that we were able to reach an understanding with the players association," Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement. "My strong preference is to continue to have ongoing dialogue with players on this topic to find mutually acceptable solutions." Union head Tony Clark noted the sides technically did not reach a deal. "The focus on mound visits and/or the level of commitment on the other pieces simply didn't focus enough attention on the areas the players wanted to address -- so no agreement was reached. While a number of pitchers will acknowledge that some mound visits are unnecessary, a limitation combined with what the experience has been of late in regard to technologically enhanced sign stealing means that there are concerns about how this will work ... or not work."


Until now, the only restriction on mound visits was a second visit to the same pitcher during an inning by a manager or coach resulted in an automatic pitching change. The number of visits by catchers during games has increased in recent years, contributing to the average time of a nine-inning game stretching to a record 3 hours, 5 minutes last season, up from 2:46 in 2005. Under the new rule, each team would get an additional mound visit without a pitching change for each extra inning. Trips will not count against the limit following an offensive substitution, to check on potential injuries or to clean spikes on wet fields. If a team is out of visits, the plate umpire may give permission for additional trips by the catcher in the event of a cross-up on pitch signals.


MLB is eliminating the rules guaranteeing eight warm-up pitches before a half-inning in an effort to keep between-inning breaks to 2:05 for most games, 2:25 for regular-season games on national television and 2:55 for tiebreaker and postseason games. There are exceptions relating to injury and if the pitcher or catcher finishes the previous half inning on base, at bat or on deck.