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VOLUME:XLVI ... April 1, 2020



I hope all of you and your families are doing well and remember to stay safe. I wish I could say thank you to all the health care workers, firemen and police officers risking their own health to take care of those in need. Good luck finding toilet paper. filesCornholio we all are. While wandering around Walmart/BJ's looking at empty shelves I think about how much money BJ's/Walmarts have taken in over past few weeks. Hopefully this all ends in a short time and we get back to some sort of normal and some good times..... By the way, Joe Reagan retired in February and Mark Gaudiano officially does the same in May but he actually done working now. That cruise that Bob Fenili and his wife were going to take in April, is not going to happen for a while.

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New rules for 2020 (besides 26 man roster):

Time to see what Dickie V and Chris Russo think of our coming season.


dickievDickie V begins, "Hi again everyone. Really troubling times we have but I hope all of you and your families are doing well. You need to listen to our medical experts and practicing safe distancing and we will get back to some sort of normal. No nothing going on in sports world except right here and this coming season really looks special bay-bee! I got my buddy Russo here to help out. We've had plenty of time to look at rosters and let's get to it."


HARWELL DIV: (ALB) Dickie says, "The Michelangelo Michael Fisher is still loaded bay-bee! The All-Volkswagen Zack Greinke, Surf & Turf Nolan Arenado, the diaper dan-dees Bo Bichette, the big board banger and diaper dan-dee Yordan Alvarez. He's gonna be a star bay-bee!! T.O.! bay-bee! The Horsemen also have, are you serious?, the Three-S man, Mr Michael Trout. He's super bay-bee!. He's sensational! He's scintillating!! (HAV) Joey Jutzi is back and he's made all kinds of deals. The Bucs have World B Free Homer Bailey, the All-Mystique Eric Hosmer, AT & Ter Manny Machado and the team engine Trey Mancini (KEN) Randy Prichard is not gonna have a cupcake schedule in this group but he's got with a capital T, talent bay-bee! The Bourbons are playing the strawberry shortcake Marco Gonzales, dialin Area Code J's is Rhys Hoskins, the All-Avis Gio Urshela, All-Indy Adalberto Mondesi and the big man on my All-Windex team Joey Gallo (OTT) I salute our Canadian brother Mark Featherstone. The Fat Cats are looking good this year with Hyun-jin Ryu making lots of doughnut offenses bay-bee! He's got Shake & Bake Ketal Marte, the truly remarkable Alex Bregman, the Rolls-Roycer Clay Bellinger. He's awesome bay-bee! Don't forget about one of the best blue chippers Bryce Harper (WNY) The new retiree Joey Reagan and his North Stars still have, bottom line, one of the best handlin' the rock, Jacob deGrom, the diaper dan-dee Peter Alonso. He's a monster!. You'll be talkin' about bombs bay-bee! He's got the All-Rambo Jeff McNeil and the Maestro of the bat J.D. Martinez."


CARAY DIV: (BEN) Vitale continues. "Eddie Morgans Boilermakers have the N.C. talent Aaron Nola with the rock and PTPer J.T. Realmuto, the All-Blender Anthony Rizzo, the All-Velcro Whit Merrifield and hold on bay-bee! He's gonna be a star! Diaper dan-dee Eloy Jimenez. (CEN) Mr James Kockler bottom line likes to trade. You talk about one and done's bay-bee! He's doin' none and done's! The Minefires end up with All-PacMan Anthony DeScalfani, point man handlin' the rock D.J. LeMahieu is flat out one of the best hitters in the game. He's got Dow-Joneser Jorge Polanco, Mr Michael Brantley and the Andrew McCutchen (HOM) Bobby Fenili, the doctor of X's and O's has the Grays ready to roll. He has the diaper dan-dee Mike Soroka, the blue chipper Freddy Freeman, Three-D Man Xander Bogaerts, the super frosh Juan Soto and you talk about Bringer of Rain, Josh Donaldson is Bringer of W's bay-bee!. (LHI) I salute the brand new retiree Mark Gaudiano. Do you know who's on his roster? Hard isn't it? The Mustangs collected the All-Alcatraz Mike Minor, the diaper dan-dee Keston Hiura, the Surf & Turf Kris Bryant, My favorite R&R man Francisco Lindor and shootin' perimeter J's is Jorge Soler (SYR) Johnny Briggs or Briggsie as I call him, has got the Blues rotation the flat out best in the game handlin' the rock, Gerrit Cole. The All-Bargain Basement Josh Bell, hittin Trifecta's is Gleyber Torres, he went out and got the PTPer Trevor Story and leading the way the truly remarkable Christian Yelich. He's awesome bay-bee!"


ALLEN DIV: (BUR) The mouth bellows on. "Mr Andy Jeschke very quietly put together something special bay-bee! The Blaze have the Rip Van Winkle Jose Berrios, the Human Space Ship Matt Olson, the All-Rambo Ozzie Albies, the PTPer Javier Baez. He's awesome bay-bee! He's got the All-MIA Rafael Devers lookin to return to action. (ETI) Bobby Dowrick's Anteaters have one of the best soph's in the land, the High-Riser Walker Buehler plus the Rolls-Roycer Buster Posey and the big World B Free Yulieski Gurriel. There's the diaper dan-dee Kevin Newman, and hittin' trifecta's J.D. Davis (KNO) Mr Champion Ken Brand and his Knuckleheads have changed things with a capital T. He landed the blue chip Masahiro Tanaka, the All-Strawberry Short Cake Brandon Lowe and returning the M&Mer Jose Ramirez and bottom line one of the best in the game, Mr Mookie Betts. T.O. bay-bee! He's also got the diaper dan-dee Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He's gonna be a star bay-bee! I love 'em! (MIA) Joey Larry Skovran's Bears have the awesome Justin Verlander with the rock and the Maestro Howie Kendrick plus dialin Area code J's Eugenio Suarez. You talk about Q.T. outfielders he's got Ryan Braun and the R&R George Springer (PSL) Jason Skovran is gonna have some problems with his Dad this year. In the Legends starting five is All-Avis Mike Clevinger and the diaper dan-dee Luis Arraez, the glass eater Matt Chapman along with the Dow-Joneser Marcell Ozuna and the World B Free Hakuna Matada Ronald Acuna Jr"


russoDickie rolls on. "Time to bring in my buddy Chris "Mad Dog" Russo to check out all these rosters and tell you who's gonna go to the big dance and cut down the net. What do you think Chris?" Mad Dog begins with, "Let's be honest Dickie! Last year we had it all wong. Not even close! Okay so this year listen up. In the Howell division. Have de Grate zewo pitching and last. Kentucky doesn't have any pitching either but they hit a little better so fouwth place. I think Westwin New Yawk has a meeyon pitchers but just like last year, not enough hittin. Third place. Top two now. Albaquickee, ah Albuquawk, the Horses don't have a lot of pitching but to be fair they got a ton of hitting and lots of balls in the seats. No chance to win though because the Ottawa guy has way too much of everything. They got a bazillion hitters. They got a ton of pitchers too. NO CHANCE ANYONE BEATS THEM! NO CHANCE DICKIE! EASY WINNER!..... In the Carewee division, be honest here Dickie. Bennwet Wun and Centwhaleya are gonna fight to see who's worse. For crywin out load, GET SOME PITCHING!. I got the Mustangs a little wight in pitching but some good hitters. The Gways got a little more hitting and good pitching too. Your guess is as good as mine here as who gets 2nd. At the top is Swearacuse. For cryin out loud! Wook at all that hitting. That's a meeyon dollar lineup and gee whiz Dickie look at that pitching. Be honest! COLE AND SCHERZER! BE HONEST!! NO ONE EVEN CLOSE DICKIE..... In the AWIN division I can't get over this Dickie. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KNOBBIES? OH MY GOODNESS! That pitching STINKS! WEALLY AWFUL! and that St Lucie team has some pwoblems too. No bullpen and be honest now Dickie, that team can't score wuns so a little worse than KaNobs. I think the Etiwanda guys have just enough pitching and hitting to be better than the other two. Miami Beach is pwetty good Dickie. They got a ton of pitchers. They got lots of bats. Pretty good team Dickie but second. Nobody is gonna beat out Buwinsville. They got a meeyon pitchers and gimme a freakin bwake look at those bats a meeyon pitchers. TOP DOG DICKIE BUWINSVILLE!..... What's your take? Gimme your thoughts.


Vitale finishing up, "I agree Christopher. Good forecast. So now I got the bottom line. Ottawa, Syracuse and Burnsville with pennants and I think Albuquerque and then Miami Beach get in. That last slot is toss up. Western NY, Laurel Highlands, Homestead. I'm gonna go with Laurel Highlands. Everyone knows just like the NCAA's it's not always the best team that wins. Every team in the playoffs is a very good team and who's hot wins and who's not loses. Once we get a the tickets punched the Ottawa Fat Cats get to cut down the nets bay-bee! Once again Champions of the RCMBA! That's all for this year. Remember to have fun with Mr Seitz's wonderful game and please be safe and take care of each other.




BEN - After a surprise division title in 2019 (and equally surprising quick playoff exit), it's back to reality for Bennett Run in 2020, as the Boilers' good offense and fleet of position-player prospects can't contend for anything given an all-C starting rotation. But there's a lot to like about the Boilers' future."


mine2CEN - The 2020 Centralia Minefires have completely turned over their roster from the 2019 season as they are in the midst of a rebuilding process. With that being said, the results will most likely not produce any more wins. The Fires have brought in some quality veterans who should help the younger prospects and give them a year to mature and develop. The offense will be led by veterans Michael Brantley, D.J. LeMahieu and Justin Turner. Their experience should provide youngsters Bryan Reynolds, Jorge Polanco, Shed Long, Trent Grisham, and Mitch Keller the leadership they will need to weather a long season. Anibal Sanchez and Mike Leake lead a group of solid starters who will give up some runs but will show Joe Musgrove and Eric Lauer the caginess that will help them avoid big innings and get them into the late inning hopefully keeping Centralia in many games. Centralia figures to score some runs but unfortunately will give up more as their weak spot is by far the bullpen. Without any quality arms, it looks to be a long season with more losses than wins. Experts predict a 67 – 95 record for the 2020 season.


ant2ETI - The Anteaters came up a little short getting some young players in the draft so they are in a semi rebuilding mode. Since they have never made the playoffs, their expectations are not very high. Perhaps a few years down the road. They are likely to finish below 500 again this year and perhaps struggle to finish 4th in their division.


buc2HAV - The new and "improved" Bucs are led by stars Manny Machado and Trey Mancini, batting 2 & 3 most days. No pitching quality to be found here for the upcoming season, with no B starters or A relievers in the fold, but here's hoping for a couple diamonds in the rough for next season and beyond. Christian Walker, a late trade acquisition, showed some promise as a slightly older prospect in the majors last year, so we shall see. Yep, sounds like a solid last place finish to me (4th place at best), but you have to start somewhere. Glad to be back with RCMBA, and looking forward seeing everybody in Lancaster again next January. Take care and be safe


gray2HOM - Historically the Grays relied on starting pitching. This year starting pitching is a big question mark for the club. Corey Kluber, the ace of the Grays staff for each of the past five seasons is on the shelf, with arm issues. Number two pitcher Carlos Carrasco was diagnosed with leukemia after the playoffs last season and the effects of his off-season chemotherapy means that Cookie can not be counted on this season. Number three starter Jameson Taillon underwent TJS surgery and was deemed out for the season and with this news GM Paul Richards sent Taillon and his ailing right arm to Iron City for a draft pick. Medical doctors informed the club that Carlos Martinez cannot go more than a few innings at a time so he was moved to the bullpen. All this bad news means that first round pick Mike Soroka and last year mop-up man Domingo German will be joining Stephen Strasburg, Noah Syndergaard, and Miles Mikolas in the Sox rotation. Gray fans will likely see more than they would like of Reynaldo Lopez, Luke Weaver and Zac Gallen (all currently on the Gray’s AAA Tucson farm team). Because of the starting pitching issues the Richards used the draft build a stronger bullpen to anchor stud reliever Blake Treinen. Expect Gray’s manager Al Lopez to take advantage of this pen by using openers even more freely than he did last season. Offensively with Josh Donaldson back to full health, the Grays can now move Carlos Santana to DH (something that all Gray pitchers applaud.) The Sox added second basemen Brian Dozier and Starlin Castro to the roster and have replaced the ailing Justin Upton with old vet Dexter Fowler. However, the real new look for the Grays is the absence of Yady Molina. While it is expected that Molina’s number “4” will be retired when he returns to Griffith Stadium with the Knucks, Richards felt that it was time to open up the catcher spot and give young dynamo Willson Contreras his chance. As usual, the Grays offensive is anchored by Freddie Freeman and young Aruba and fan favorite “the X Man” Xander Bogaerts. Last year’s rookie sensation Juan Soto is expected to get stronger in his second season. This year’s expected rookie sensation Fernando Tatis was unexpectedly sent by Richards to Tucson. We expect him to be on the big club shortly. The Sox outlook: Short on starting pitching it is doubtful the Sox will return to the playoffs. We predict an 86-76 record.


mustang2LHI - Flamboyant Laurel Highlands General Manager Maurice J. Minnefield. Has improved the culture at Laurel Highlands with the combination of young and vetern players that he has acquired in his four off seasons. The Mustangs have not had a winning season since 2005. GM Minnefield feels that the Mustangs will be better on both the offensive side of the ball, and much improved starting pitching and depth in a mediocre bullpen. The optimism in Mustang land is for a playoff spot or even with some luck a chance to win the division, with star players such as Francisco Lindor, Yoan Moncada Luis Castillo & Jorge Soler, matched with youngsters such as Keston Hiura & Lucas Giolito give the Mustangs, Minnefield and Murtaugh hope for 2020 and beyond. 2020 PREDICTION 94 wins, 68 losses, 2nd place Caray Division.


bears2MIA - The Bears should be a little better than last year with a better rotation that includes Verlander, Hendrick and the rookie Means along with a bullpen that includes Pagan and Colome, The Bears should be able to put some runs on the books with the likes of Marte, Anderon and Kendricks leading the way along with the power of Suarez and Springer a 500 record should be in the sights for the Bears this year.


fat2OTT - Fat Cat management has sensed an opportunity to gain loyalty of the local fans as regional teams like the Ottawa Senators and Ottawa RedBlacks are struggling to find talent. Not so for the Cats as additions to the remaining core (Bellinger, Kershaw, Laureano, Britton) for 2020 has emerged with additions of guys like Bregman, Semien, Harper, Marte, Ryu and Yates. This year the Cats will be in tough while playing games in what is likely the toughest division. When the regular season dust settles the Cats hope to suit up for some bonus games and the optimistic - and growing - fan base is even cautiously eyeing a longish run in the crap shoot we call the playoffs.


psl2PSL - The legends after making the playoffs in their inaugural season with a early exit are looking to rebuild for the future with guys like Acura, Tucker, Riley, Arraez and try not to finish at the bottom of the pile this year in there 2nd season in the league


syr2SYR - After last years dismal offensive showing we enter this season with front office changes and new manager. Former GM Catfish Hunter retired and Andy Sipowicz has moved into that role. Buck Showalter is now our manager and Buck had this to say about the coming season. “I think we’ll hit better than last year. Yelich and Story are gonna hurt some balls. We got a couple a good ones in draft especially that Paddack kid. When you start with Cole and Scherzer, you like that. Should be a pretty good season.”


star2WNY - The WNY North Stars head into 2020 looking up at the bulked up Fat Cats, but are primed to contend for a wild card. The pitching staff is lead by Jake Degrom, seeking to win back to back RCMBA Cy Young Awards. Liam "Crocodile" Hendriks will get the saves for a deep bullpen. The North Stars offense is much improved, with the Squirrel and the Polar Bear sandwiching Red Sox slugger JD Martinez. WNY has 30 HR candidates deep into the lineup, and a good bench lead by the travelling man AJ Pollock and Dom Smith.





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Dear Baseball Fans


Opening Day holds an important place in our hearts. It signifies the arrival of spring, the promise of new beginnings, the return of following your favorite team on a long journey filled with twists and turns, and the hope that your team will put together a magical season you will remember forever.


Today is unlike any Opening Day in Major League Baseball’s long history. We need to call on the optimism that is synonymous with Opening Day and the unflinching determination required to navigate an entire baseball season to help us through the challenging situation currently facing us all. We can do this together by following the direction of our public health experts and government officials to collectively address this global pandemic. Baseball will return, just as soon as it’s safe to do so. You can find helpful information at


I’m proud of how the baseball community has rallied to respond to this unprecedented challenge. In a short period of time under difficult and rapidly changing circumstances, we have met the needs of Minor League players by creating a level of uniform compensation for them, made a $1 million joint donation with the MLBPA to Feeding America and Meals on Wheels America, and our Clubs have committed $30 million to ballpark employees. In addition, we will be shining a light on worthy charities that are involved with the COVID-19 response. If you are able to help, you can make contributions to these organizations at


While we aren’t on the field today, there still will be plenty of baseball for you to watch. In addition to programming on MLB Network, ESPN2, and FS1, we have made thousands of games available for free to you through MLB.TV,, and MLB’s YouTube accounts. We also are hosting Opening Day at Home, a selection of 30 memorable games, one for each Club, that you can enjoy today across MLB’s digital platforms. While we wait for players to take the field, I hope this brings us together as fans and engages us in conversation through social media.


Throughout our history, baseball has helped us get through difficult times. Baseball will continue to be here for you as we face these challenges together as a community and we look forward to when we can safely get back on the field and hear the words, “Play Ball.”


Stay Safe and Healthy, Rob


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