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VOLUME:XLV ... January 1, 2019




Another year in the books and we roll into our 45th year. Pretty soon we can join AARP. So what's going on? Joe Reagan announced that his WNY nickname of the Falcons will now be changed to North Stars. Mike Fisher is now a Grandpa and once again will need to learn how to change diapers. What else is new? We did see quite a few trades over the last couple of weeks. Big names and small names. That might have something to do with being able to see all the cards. One thing I noticed is a pretty large number of play result of 2 in second column. Seems like a lot of catcher defense of 6. There are also numerous guys who in year past would have received a first column 11 now are getting result numbers with * all over the place and/or pushed into the 2nd column. Overall our draft has three A starters, fourteen B starters, four AC* and sixteen A*. All together we have 87 SP, 149 RP, 25 catchers, 41 firstbase men, 58 infielders, 75 outfielders and 3 dh's available plus those yet to be cut. Those numbers count Ohtani as an SP & DH. At least 120 of them will be selected and word around town is that Ronald Acuna is the odds on favorite for pick #1.


amishLancaster: It looks like we have 9 and probably 11 staying at the Holiday Inn. Morgans will be there just for draft day. Only ones out for sure are Featherstone, Jeschke & Uhlhorn. If the weather holds and everyone gets there, that will be a record turnout. Should be a fun time and lots of eating at expensive restaurants. As usual we'll be holding the draft in a room. I'll email everyone with the details on ROLZ. In case you need to contact us over that weekend the front desk phone is 717.455.4700 and my cell number is 315.345.9218 not to mention every one else's cell phones. I can provide you with their cell numbers on request.



We had twelve voting this time. How come three guys couldn't care less what the rest of us do?

#1- Late reporting: 6-6 and fails to anywhere near the required 10 to gain approval

#2- Minimum IP for D SP to get NL: 11-1 and approved and effective today. "Grade D pitchers with five (5) or more start innings have unlimited start innings"


Bidding 2018 a "Thanks for the Memories", I'll share with you an amusing look back: Dave Barry's Year in Review.







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smithCongratulations to Lee Smith who was finally elected to the Hall of Fame by the "Today's Game" Committee. It used to be called the Veterans Committee. This group of former players, managers, writers and executives also farcically elected Harold Baines to prove that the real name of this committee should be "Buddies Forever". Baines a really good player joins the likes of Alan Trammel, Bill Mazeroski, Phil Rizzuto and many others elected because they are buddies rather than having exceptional talent.


Smith posted 478 saves and whether or not you think the save stat is a poor judge of talent, only Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman collected more than him over his 18 yr career. His lifetime ERA was 3.03 and he allowed just 1133 hits in 1289 innings. He is worthy of the being in the HOF. Baines on the other hand whas pretty much what we call a good hitter. Not great. Rarely even got anyone to vote for him as an MVP. He hit 289 in his career which places him 408th on that all-time list, tied with Greg Colbrunn & Mark Grudzielanek. Really good player? You bet. Not once did you or anyone you know ever once think of Harold Baines as a Hall of Famer. The "Buddies" did and it should be the last time anyone on that committee gets to vote for another person.


Coming up in January the BBWAA will announce their votes for the HOF 2019 class. Here is the list of who is on the ballot. The "X's" represent who I would vote for if I had a ballot: