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VOLUME:L ... March 1, 2024






2024RCMBA Official Photographer Marie Prichard captured this pix of the group in the HIE draft room. Almost all of the group got to Lancaster Thursday. Bob & myself Friday. This year we had Friday dinner across the parking lot at the Fireside and Doug Burg made his 15 minute drive to join us. Excellent food! Talk centered around what we've been doing for the past year, MLB and of course the coming draft and more of the same when we returned to the Holiday Inn.


Saturday, since Katie's was closed, it began with breakfast at Casey Jones' Caboose. Returning to the HIE lobby for the draft with Ed Morgans joining the gang. Right at noon we began and no surprise when Joe Jutzi made Elly De La Cruz the #1 pick. No real shockers in the first round although me passing on Volpe to take Jordan Walker raised a couple of eyebrows. As usual we flew through the early round and even the later ones, finishing up around 3:30. The 188th and final pick by Ed Morgans, the Pirates Carmen Mlodzinksi, became Mr Irrelevant. ellymlodPost draft was quietly patting ourselves on the back about how good we drafted. Not much trade talk by anyone and soon it was off to Miller's Smorgasbord to be gouged for $40. I don't understand why we go there. Back at the hotel and early night for some, including myself and some Nyquil tabs.


Sunday arrived and breakfast again at Casey Jones'. Soon it was time for goodbye's and heading home. Incredibly just one trade was made over the entire weekend. Even the new toys didn't get things moving. Well it was off to Krispy Kreme in Wilkes Barre for Linda donuts and the drive was really a chore.


Side note to this entire weekend was medical, for me. On the 4+ hour drive to Lancaster, I noticed a cough which got progressively worse during the weekend along with just a crappy feeling. I began using Nyquil which managed it and I tried to stay a little bit away from everyone. Didn't work. I even went to bed early both nights and if you know me, that's not normal. After arriving home, my wife had the same symptoms and we decided it was best to go to the local Urgent Care. We found it was Type A Flu. How's that possible when we both had our Flu shots in December? As the doctor reminded me the shot only prevents some flu. Too bad it wasn't mine. I'm sure Jim Kockler & Joe Reagan appreciated catching it from me. No meds for flu, just rest. Swell. It took another week to feel 100%.


Beyond Lancaster. Dickie V is starting to gather info for the April edition. He'll need to keep gathering stuff right up to the deadline because we are fast approaching 200 trades. Surprisingly Mark Gaudiano isn't number one in trades. It's Joe Reagan so far. Joe's made 20 deals with Jim Kockler, 19 with Mark G, 13 with Jutzi and even one with Doug Burg. Who's the hot property this year? Not counting the 103 draft pick swaps, it's Tommy Edman & Brendan Rodgers who have been dealt 11 times. Jesus Sanchez is close though at 10.




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hossAs the world waits for Scott Boros clients to get every single penny. Pitchers and catcher arrived and as always we hear "I'm in the best shape" stories. All the sporting world hinged on Yamamoto trying on his hat. Somewhere, somebody signed a contract with opt outs. dodgerssdEventually everyone got around to jogging which led to practice. Jesse Ballplayer hit a homer in his first at bat which immediately makes him a hot property. Sam Splits shows off his new pitch. Oh look at how astronomical those William Whispy's homers travel. Practice. We're talkin' 'bout, practice. Not a game! Not a game! Practice. We talkin prack-tis... Real counting games on March 20th for the Padres & Dodgers, in Korea, for two early games, then back to practice. The rest of the teams kick off on March 28th.... New rules this year: Pitchers, with runners on base, down to 18 seconds. The batter's running box to first has been slightly expanded to include all the dirt between the line and grass/turf. Just four per game interruptions to game play by the pitching coach. Umps have been instructed to enforce obstruction rules especially at 2nd base regarding defensive blocking the runners stealing with a leg on the ground in front of the base.