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VOLUME:XLIV ... May 1, 2018





We have our big opening month out of the way and everyone was done on time. Speaking of that I'm changing the due date from the 25th to the 28th of each month. I don't have any other news to share beyond Joe Reagan was in Great Britain in April. So it's on to the standings and stats.



3 1 Harwell Div: After 40 games, Albuquerque & Ottawa leading the way here. The Horsemen had a 13 win home record along with 11 road wins. The Fat Cats only won 11 at home but picked up 13 road wins for the tie. Six games behind them and under 500 is Cincy & Western NY. The Redlegs were 10-10 at home and 8-12 road. The Falcons pretty solid at home with 12 wins but a dismal 6-14 away as they lost all four away series. Couple games back of those two is Armada. The Ciders managed 500 ball at home with 10 wins but a not so pretty 6-14 on the road. They were one of three to lose all four away matches


lead Caray Div: Syracuse is on top. The Blues posted up a 13-7 home and 9-11 away record. Just a game back of them is Havre de Grace & Laurel Highlands. The Bucs won 13 at home, 8 away and they were the only team to win all four home series. The Mustangs got 12 home wins and 9 away. Bennett Run is only one behind that pair. The Boilermakers were 12-8 at home & 8-12 away. In the basement six back of Syracuse is Kentucky. The Bourbons played 500 at home with 10 wins but only 6 wins on the road while losing all four series


2 Allen Div: Homestead leads this group and has the best record overall. The Grays were 11-9 at home but a solid 14-6 on the road and the only team to win all four series on the road. Two behind them is Knob Noster. The Knuckleheads won 11 at home and the same away. Burnsville is six out after their 11 wins at home but only 8 away. Etiwanda is two back of the Blaze, going a horrible 7-13 at home but 10-10 away. Miami Beach at the bottom one back of the Anteaters. They were 8-12 home & 9-11 away.



First thing you notice is Laurel Highlands can hit and that team batting average is far better than anyone else. Next you notice Knob Noster has an enormous amount of doubles and in fact they have the most extra base hits of anyone. Next you might see that Syracuse is scoring runs better than any other team and if you look closely you'll notice they have put the most runners on base, have the best ISO and most total bases. I also see Burnsville has no clue about stealing bases and when they try it's even worse. Kentucky knows all about stealing. Miami doesn't walk much and Syracuse walks a lot. Ottawa loves to hit four baggers. Etiwanda not so much and it's really hard to whiff Etiwanda or Armada hitters. Kentucky pretty easy to get them fishing. Western NY hardly ever hits into DP's but only getting 6.4 hits a game and the only team hitting under 200 may be a factor. Knob Noster gets doubled up better than the rest..... Only three teams with ERA's under 4.00. Ottawa is way under that. The Fat Cats hardly ever walk batters but Bennett Run hurlers think the plate moves. Hard throwers in Burnsville and they must be throwing salad up there in Cinci. Nobody is better than Albuquerque pitchers at throwing meatballs but the Bourbons are close. Harve de Grace is putting up shutout numbers far better than the rest of us..... You can see all the team stats right under the player lists on the STAT page. Do your team numbers match what I have posted as the official numbers?



cozart smoak arrieta Justin Smoak (Bur) leads the league in homers. Not shocking but what the heck is Zack Cozart (Kno) doing with the same number?. Zack also is on top of the RBI list as one of five over 40. Chris Taylor (Ben) leads the world in XBH. He's got 16 doubles, a league best 7 triples and 11 dingers. Jose Altuve (Ken) tops the average and OBP lists at over 380 & over 450. Welington Castillo (LHi) is next at 353?! Giancarlo Stanton (Syr) has a ridiculous 1216 OPS & a best SLG pct too. Lo Cain (Arm) and Whit Merrifield (LHi) on top of the Hits board. Billy Hamilton (Ken) is already over 20 steals. The worst qualifying hitter in the league? Whew! It's not who you'd expect. Manny Machado (Ott) has a disgusting 140ish average. Joey Gallo (Ken) is almost as stinky..... On the mound, Jake Arrieta (Bur) has a league best ERA not only under 2.00 but it's under 1.50!! There are four others under 2.50. It's a five way tie for most wins at 5 that includes two weird ones of Kendall Graveman (Hav) and Patrick Corbin (Syr). Archie Bradley (WNY) the best at saves. Max Scherzer & team mate Chris Sale (Bur) far ahead of the rest in K's. Trevor Williams (Eti) has had some problems with runs being scored. Almost a double digit ERA! Find out more on the STATS page.



starlin Pedro Baez (LHi) has a 0.00 ERA with 13.7ip while walking 7 & giving up 4 hits. Tyler Glasnow (LHi) has 12.00 ERA after 20.0ip. That's on 40 hits, 14 walks and just 2 bombs. There are 9 pitchers with ERA under 1.00... Jake Arrieta (Bur) & George Kontos (Hav) have a 4-0 WL record. Trevor Williams (Eti) is 0-6... Trevor Williams (Eti) has given up 16 homers in 8 starts... Kendall Graveman (Hav) has tossed 3 shutouts in 8 starts... Kyle Freeland (Ben) is one of 3 pitchers with 30 walks allowed. He did it in 42 innings... Liam Hendriks (Ken) has been in 29 games... Wade Davis (Bur) has an 18.3 K/9 stat with 23 whiffs with 11.3ip... Pat Neshek (Ott) with 28.7ip has walked 2 & k'd 24. That's 12.0 K/BB stat. Hector Neris (Ken) has 16bb/10k in 14 innings for a 0.6 K/BB... Kevin McCarthy (Hom) has a 0.43 WHP over 11.7ip. There's 70 pitchers yet to get in a game..... Starlin Castro (Hav) is hitting 386 in 88 ab's. Shin-Soo Choo (Cin) is 1 for 26... Giancarlo Stanton (Syr) has scored 40 runs... Francisco Cervelli (Ben) has 0 XBH after 23 ab's... Lo Cain (Arm) is been nailed 7 times in 18 steal attempts. Billy Hamilton (Ken) perfect 23/23 steals tries... Tyler Flowers (Bur) is one of three to be hit 9 times and he did it in only 154 pa's... Kyle Seager (Arm) & JD Martinez (Ott) have hit into 8 doubleplays. Justin Upton (Hom) hasn't hit into any in his 181 pa's... Jean Segura (Syr) has made 11 errors... There is 62 position players still waiting to play.





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coldAs of April 28th there have been 28 games postponed due to weather. Snow, Rain, Fog and even falling ice blocks. The series between the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis had three straight postponements. Detroit 6 games, Cubs 4, Minnesota 4, Cincinnati 2, Cleveland 2, KC 2, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, NY Mets, NY Yankees, Pittsburgh, San Fran and Toronto 1 game. Fan attendance at games played is down as well. On average, 27,000 fans are showing up per game; down from the ten-year average of 30,500. The Commissioner's thoughts about this, "This has really been a unique April for us. We've set a record for the number of games that have been canceled and, probably more troublingly, we've played a lot of games in really tough weather. I think we have 12 cities that have been more than 10 degrees below their average temperature for the month of April.” Should games be scheduled better using on domes and warm-weather cities? Manfred said, "No teams are going to want to start the season on the road for a couple of weeks. In fact the Basic Agreement prohibits a trip that long. Equally important, the domed and warm-weather markets don't want that many games early in the year. Whether you have a dome or it's warm weather, until school gets out they are tougher dates. We will do everything possible to try to schedule in a way that minimizes weather damage. It's in our interest to do that. But there are real limitations in the schedule".


Unless MLB demands scheduled double headers to shave days off the schedule or go to 154 games, remember where you put that heavy coat if you want to see some winter ball next year.