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VOLUME:XLIV ... January 1, 2018




Great job by Mark Gaudiano in finding LINE. It's the best replacement for AOL/AIM. If you wish to download it, you'll need to ask each of us for our cell phone numbers. That is how it finds others. It's a little clunky but for the price (free).


NOTE THIS !!!! - - - Jan 21st we'll be cutting back to 30 players in preparation of the Free Agent Draft. You do it or I do it.


Draft talk:It looks like we'll have Mark Gaudiano, Joe Jutzi, Randy Prichard, Bob Fenili, Joe Skovran & myself staying at the Holiday Inn. Ed Morgans will be there Saturday. Flying in from Florida with Joe Skovran is his wife Cindy and son Jason who is the current two time champion our winter league, TCWBA. This is first year in a long time that Mike Fisher or Ken Brand won't be in Lancaster. Hopefully they'll be back next year.


Trading this year is just about equal with the previous few seasons. I like that because it shows that managers are checking their rosters and staying involved within the league.


To the dismay of some, Bob Shepard returns with SAY IT: Andriese (ANN-dreese), Asuaje (Az-WAH-hey), Busenitz (booze-nits), Coulombe (KOO-lohm), Duensing (Done-sing), Faria (fuh-REE-uh), Foltynewicz (fol-ten-eh-vich), Gsellman (guh-SELL-man), Kahnle (CAIN-lee), Kivlehan (KIV-luh-hann), Kuhl (Cool), Maile (MAY-lee), Suter (SOO-ter), Szczur (SEE-zur), Taillon (TIE-own), Eric Thames (THAYMES), Torreyes (tore-AY-ez), Tuivailala (too-ee-vai-lull- lah), Valaika (vuh-LAY-kah), Wojciechowski (wo-juh-HOW-ski), Michael Ynoa (ee-NO-uh)


I bid 2017 a fond farewell. It was a good year for my Syracuse Blues. Luck was on my side and I just love singing along with Sinatra during "New York, New York".




I should not have expressed my opinion of rule change proposals, in our newsletter and I did so last month. I apologize to Ed and Joe for my negative comments. My comments in the future will be kept out of this newsletter.


PROP 1 - PLAYOFF RELIEF USE (passed: 12-2)

.. In the playoffs if no relief pitcher is available, then the most rested starter will be used with a grade of Dw.



.. In playoffs those will PA limits now calculated at PA/502 times 15.5/R1 & 21.7/R2


PROP 3 - NO REROLL BASES EMPTY (Rejected: 4-10)

.. Bases Empty, rolls of 36-40 do NOT require a re-roll.


PROP 4 - WAIVER DRAFT (Rejected: 5-9)

.. After the final cut to 36/ one round Waiver draft




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2018 Hall of Fame Ballot

ruth blank vote1A blank plaque near Babe Ruth's waits for your vote and this blank BBWAA ballot needs 10 votes


Here is my ballot:


MLB notables who passed away 2017



Away from baseball we lost so many more than these people