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VOLUME:L ... June 2024






Memorial Day check point. Things are rolling along pretty good. Let me again say that if you run into some problems in getting games played, let me know so I or others can help..... The standings show we have a couple of good races going on. The Harwell & Allen divisions have three teams fighting for the top spot. The Caray group looks like it might be heading to a runaway. Maybe the summer can get more on-line games and enjoy talking with each other during those games.


The proposal regarding moving the season start date into March has passed 13-2.


Harwell division: atlanta2

Top to bottom the closest records. Atlanta moved into first after a blistering 15-3 (7-2h) last month. The Black Crackers are still five games better on the road and they have a series record of 10-2-0 (4-2-0h). Albuquerque just two games back slid down to 2nd on an 11-7 (6-3h) month. The Horsemen are +1 in home wins and 6-4-2 (3-2-1h) in series play. Kentucky is only 4 behind and in 3rd after a 10-8 (6-3h) May. The Blue Grass Boppers are -1 at home v away and have a 5-6-1 (3-3-0h) series record. Uniontown is in 4th falling to 8 behind after posting a not pretty 6-12 (5-4h) mark last month. The Raiders are -1 at home & their series record is 5-6-1 (2-3-1h). At the bottom, 9 games out, it's Lancaster after going 10-8 (5-4h) last month, to fall 7.5 behind. The Lynx are +4 at home along with a series record of 5-6-1 (3-3-0h).


Caray division: syr2

Syracuse held onto first and have a ballooned their lead to 9 games after going 19-8 (10-3h) last month. The Blue are +1 at home and their series record is 11-1-2 (6-0-1h). Manhattan in 2nd, nine back on their 14-13 (6-7h) May. The Marauders are +2 at home along with a 7-5-2 (3-4-0h) series mark. Rochester 13 out posted a 16-11 (8-5h) last month. The Robins series record is 8-5-1 (5-1-1h) and +6 wins at home. Twice as far out of first in 4th is Laurel Highlands after an 11-16 (5-8h) May. The Mustangs are +3 at home and have a 3-9-2 (2-4-1h) series mark. Philadelphia struggling to stay with the Mustangs is 32 from first, on a series record of 1-11-2 (1-4-2h) and +3 at home. In May they were an ugly 6-21 (4-9h).


Allen division: buco2

Another three way race. Sarasota leads the pack after going 16-11 (10-4h) last month. The BucO's are +4 at home and in series play they're 7-4-3 (5-1-1h). Three games behind them is Ottawa after their 20-17 (11-8h) month. The Fat Cats are +5 at home and in series play 9-3-2 (6-1-01h). Just 1 game behind them in third is Bennett Run after they went 15-12 (9-5h) in May. The Boilermakers are +4 at home and they have a series record of 8-4-2 (5-1-1h). A pretty good gap to 4th place Burnsville who are 19 out of 1st. They were 14-23 (6-13h) last month and are -1 at home with a series mark at 2-10-2 (1-6-0h). Iron City is 5th, two games back of the Blaze after going 7-20 (5-9h) last month. The Houserockers are 1-12-1 (0-6-1h) in series play along with +1 in home wins.


Stats-Player:acunajack f

Ronald Acuna Jr (Atl) had a terrific May and has taken over the Batting Average top spot, where five players are hitting over 300. Shohei Ohtani (Syr) is the leader in On Base, Slugging and OPS. Can't overlook what Matt Olson (Bur) is doing. He's got a solid lead in Homers and Extra Base Hits. Pete Alonso (Roc) and Freddie Freeman (Syr) are both over 50 ribbies and Pete leads. Acuna & Freeman are tied for the hits lead with 82. Juan Soto (Man) has already passed 50 in walks. Three players have over 30 steals. Esteury Ruiz (Syr) lead that group. What a horrible rookie season for Anthony Volpe (Ott). His 132 batting average is the worst of three hitting in the 130s. Just one whiff separates six players of that board..... On the hill Logan Webb (Ott) the sole hurler with an ERA in the ones and then there is Charlie Morton (Utw) who is the only one with an ERA in the sevens. Justin Verlander has won 10 to lead that stat. Jack Flaherty (Bur) also has 10 but they're losses. Spencer Strider (Atl) has an awesome +14 K/9 rate. Nobody is better than Clayton Kershaw (Ott) in preventing hits plus having the best WHIP. Josh Hader (Syr) has the lead in saves. Yeah, really not a Rochester pitcher, lol.



Other than Syracuse leading in homers (112), runs (380), extra base hits (267) and total bases (1105) there is this. Manhattan is almost at 300 walks which isn't something Atlanta does much. Atlanta though is far ahead in stealing bases which just isn't a thing in Laurel Highlands. Kentucky players get hit a lot. Pretty rare to turn a double play on Kentucky or Albuquerque batters but Manhattan and Philly not so hard. Speaking of rare, Rochester hardly ever makes an error and Iron City is a league worst 55. Kentucky and Iron City don't score much. Lancaster is the league worst in extra base hits (183) and total bases (757). Kentucky is worst in putting runners on base (621). Uniontown has a league best 220 ISO and Iron City worst at 152..... On the mound Ottawa & Sarasota the two best ERA's and Philadelphia has a 6+ ERA. Manhattan has racked up 8 complete games. Tough to hit homers off Sarasota and Albuquerque, which isn't the case for Philly pitchers who also hand out a lot of free passes. How about that K/9 for Kentucky?. Those 55 errors by Iron City has cost them 44 unearned runs.... We've had 88 games played on line. Syracuse wishes it had more and Laurel Highlands doesn't.


Stats-Page Two: velazstrider

Hats off to Nelson Velazquez (Syr) with a 350 average on 21/60 and then there is Brendan Donovan (Atl) at 080 (2/25) and Joey Gallo (Ken) with 082 (5/61). Victor Caratini (Iro) has 0 xbh in 59 at bats. Francisco Lindor (Roc) has scored 55 runs. Lane Thomas (Ben) has been caught stealing 4 times in 13 attempts and Esteury Ruiz (Syr) is perfect 34/34. Luke Raley (Bur) has been hit 12 times, TJ Friedl (Ken) 11 times while Juan Soto (Man) has 0 after 307 plate appearances. Willson Contreras (Man) and Cody Bellinger (Man) have 5 sac flies while Luis Matos (LHi) and Will Smith (Sar) have 1 bunt. Xander Bogaerts (Bur) has hit into 11 GiDP and Josh Lowe (Atl) has never done it after 199 at bats. Ezequiel Duran (LHi) has made 16 errors..... Michael King (Syr) has a 7-0 WL record and Jack Flaherty (Bur) is at 0-10. Adam Ottavino (Man) after 27.3ip has a 0.66 ERA and Garrett Whitlock (Atl) is at 10.12 ERA on his 10.7ip probably because he has a 18.6 H/9. Matt Brash (Atl) & Cionel Perez (Bur) have been in 35 games. Roasny Contreras (LHi) has 5 complete games. Kyle Hendricks (Lan) 2 Shutouts. In 12 starts for Kyle Gibson (Man) he's given up 23 bombs. Edward Cabrera (LHi) has walked 44 in only 77.0ip. Ryan Helsley (Syr) has 0 hits allowed on 7.0ip





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Last week of June this happened twice. Both times the infield fly rule had been called, so the batter was out. On the left as the runner was walking back to 2nd base so as not to be called out, which made the shortstop veer away and made the catch where the "X" is. That runner was called for interference and called out. Within the week, on the right, again a popout infield fly. The runner goes back to stand on 2nd so he isn't called out and the shortstop fell into him. Called out.


MLB Rule 6.01 covers interference and says a runner who is "adjudged to have hindered a fielder who is attempting to make a play on a batted ball is out whether it was intentional or not."


MLB has since stated that the umpires should have used discretion and not called the runner out.