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VOLUME:XLIV ... November 1, 2018




loseOur new champion was crowned last month. Ken Brand (photo left) guided his Knob Noster Knuckleheads to his 7th title. winMark Featherstone's (right) Ottawa Fat Cats were on the short end of things and as you can see he believes his boys will be victorius next time around. The K'heads arrived at the finals after beating Homestead 4-1 in Round Two. The Cats needed a bit longer road and beat Armada 3-2 in Round One then Albuquerque in Round Two 4-1. In Game 1 @ Knob: Ottawa wins 9-3 outhitting the Knob 9-4. A four spot by Cats, in top of 9th blew the game open. Game 2 @ Knob: Ottawa wins this one too 8-7 with both teams getting 9 hits. The Cats 3 run 8th sealed this one. In Game 3 @ Ott: Knob Noster gets a win 4-2 breaking a 2-2 tie with 2 8th inning runs. Game 4 @ Ott: Knob Noster evens the series with a 4-3 win. Both teams score 1 in 9th. Game 5 @ Ott: K'heads win again 11-7 to take 3-2 series lead. They were up 11-3 after four. No home team wins yet. Back to Knob Noster and in game 6 @ Knob: Knob Noster gets the first home team win and takes the title with a 4-2 score. The K'heads had 8 hits and held Cats to just 4. The Knuckleheads claimed their 7th title with Cozart the star of the match. He had four homers, 3B, 2 doubles and drove in 10 with 8 hits. Jose Ramirez chipped in with HR, 2 triples, 3 doubles and drove in 4 on 9 hits. JD Martinez led the Fat Cats with 2HR and drove in 5 on 6 hits. The two teams were very close in stats. Knobers hit 221 and the Cats 211. The K'head ERA was 4.83 vs 4.02 for the Cats. Knob had 11 dingers and the Cats 14. The Cats 42 hits, K'heads 44



Giancarlo Stanton (Syr) was the unanimous MVP after posting a 284/376/649 with 63 homers & 150 rbi. Corey Kluber (Hom) won a rather exciting CY race that had six players getting 1st place votes. "Klubot" was 16-7 with 2.70 ERA and 0.92 WHIP. Congratulations to both.




The APBA card list was just released so we know who's getting cards. The APBA GO file will be available by the end of November which gives us a look at pitching grades and hitter cards. The actual cards will start shipping on Monday January 14th. Speaking of shipping APBA says, "There has been a recent large price increase in packaging which is usually a leading indicator for price increases in other paper products". The BBW file and CD will start shipping on Monday, January 21st.

Diving into what 2018 did to our Record Book shows some old fan favorites returning after years away from us. Logan Morrison (WNY) was last seen with Bob Fick on the Rancocas Indians back in 2013 but Eric Thames (Mia) was absent even longer. He was last on Laurel Highlands in 2012. On the pitching side of this is Brian Duensing (Hom) who was last collecting stats in 2011 on Paul Van Beek's Minnesota Miners. That same year Peter Moylan (Cin) was last seen with Cinci. The Wayback Machine Champ this year is Wade LeBlanc (Hav) who hasn't been with us since 2010 with the same Bucs



Giancarlo Stanton (Syr) hit 62 dingers this past year. Last time anyone hit 60 homers was 2007 when David Ortiz hit 60... Billy Hamilton (Ken) has now won three of last four stolen base titles. Back in the late 80's, Vince Coleman won five steal titles... Luis Severino (Syr) had a league best 17 wins which is the lowest total ever and in fact the first time it's been less than 20... Joey Gallo (Ken) record setting 237 whiffs topped Ryan Howard's 230 set in 2009. Max Scherzer's (Bur) 298 k's made into our top 10 season marks and his K9 rate of 13.3 is the best ever. Teammate Chris Sale posted the 2nd highest rate last year at 11.


As a league we set a new record in whiffs. Our 20,517 strikeouts beat last years former record by 36. We also set a new record for fewest complete games with 128. We came very close to our HR record with 3729. That's about 40 short of the 2001 season... They don't believe in stealing in Burnsville. The Blaze not only own the 2nd fewest steals at 20 but this year's slogging by the Blaze set the third fewest amount of steals with 26


As a reminder we had a couple of noteworthy happenings. Three no-hitters by Aaron Nola (Ken), Stephen Strasbur (Hom) and Jeff Samardzija (Cin)... We also saw the most homers ever hit in a series when Ottawa poked 18 at Albuquerque... No one had ever given up 17 runs in one series until Jordan Montgomery (Ben) and Zach Eflin (Mia) did it this past year. Jordan also allowed a record setting 6 homers in that series.


In the Lifetime Record Book we had some guys moving up and onto those lists. Albert Pujols (FA) is 6th in Slugging at 544, 10th in OPS with 902, 11th in HR with 531, 5th in RBI at 1663, 20th in walks with 1000, 2nd in doubles with 606 and 6th in total bases with 4592. He's also hit into more DP's than anyone ever with 285... Miguel Cabrera (Kno) is 14th in Slugging, 18th in OPS, 12th in RBI, 10th in extra base hits, 3rd in GiDP, his 481 dingers is 16th all-time. He's 19th in hits with 2260... Joey Votto (Ott) is now 11th in On Base Pct with 372... Giancarlo Stanton (Syr) is 3rd in Slugging with 562 and 15th in OPS at 886... Jose Reyes (Alb) pushed his #1 total of triples to 132 with the four he collected this past year. Jose has also committed the 3rd most errors with 288... Adrian Beltre (Eti) moved into top 20 in hits... The four worst hitters ever are currently active. Pedro Alvarez (FA), Mark Reynolds (FA), Mike Moustakas (Cin), Andrelton Simmons (Ken). All four are hitting under 200 lifetime... Clayton Kershaw (Ott) is now 4th in lifetime ERA with a 3.00. He's also 3rd in WL%, 2nd in WHIP with 0.96 and in top 20 in K's. Corey Kluber (Hom) has 3.28 ERA which is 11th and in top 10 for both WHIP and WL%. Zack Greinke (Alb) is 12th in ERA, in top 10 for WHIP and has the best ever WL% of 738 on his 152-54 WL record. David Price and Stephen Strasburg made into the top 20 ERA's. Two Big Sexy's Bart Colon and C.C. Sabathia are in top 20 for wins and C.C. is also in top K list too. Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez are on the K list top 20. Andrew Miller now showing up for lifetime saves. On the top 10 WL% are Cole Hamels and Jacob deGrom. Finally we should note that Francisco Liriano has one of the five worst WL% ever.


Just a personal note about the RECORDS. All of this stuff is on our Web site. I've spent many, many hours researching and formatting them in what I hope is a pleasing way. Every hitter and pitcher that ever played is there. His entire career stats, year by year, lifetime total and the team he played on. All of our lifetime leaders are there. Season records are there. Champions, Team Season Records, MVP's, No-hitters are there. Have a great game and/or series you can see if it's a new record or how close you came to setting a new mark. A complete list of every manager we've ever had is there. I hope you'll check it out





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2018 MLB moments:

Pablo Sandoval tossing a 69 mph curveball for a strike on April 29th

Mookie Betts - Mic'd up - "I ain't gettin' this one boys"

James Paxton - The eagle has landed


Noah Syndergaard, J.A. Happ, and Brad Peacock - all contracted Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease.


If I told you in April: Max Muncy plays in 140 games, you'd probably think the Dodgers will stink it up... Juan Soto, the Class A player, would outhit Bryce Harper. So Harper will get injured?... Jacob deGrom will have a 10-9 WL record would make you think he really wouldn't pitch very well.


World Series- Game 3: Classic? No. It only encouraged those who think the idea of putting a man on 2nd, like they do in minor league games, is something an intelligent person would do. Record setting yes. They used 44 players, the most ever in WS game. It lasted 7h20m which is the longest WS game. As a comparison the entire 1939 World Series of Yankees and Redlegs last 7h2m... As a side note: The shift played a huge part of the reason it lastest that long. I am now in the camp that says, yes you need to legislate it. One of two options. Two infielders on each side of 2nd base and they must have their feet on the infield dirt or not in the outfield grass.



nyywsWho played?


hotstovelaurenThe best thing about the World Series being over is MLB Network Hot Stove show is back, 9AM weekdays. Harold Reynolds, Matt Vasgersian, Ken Rosenthal and of course Lauren Shehadi