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VOLUME: XLIII ... November 1, 2017





aimDecember is proposal month so if you have something you wish to see changed, get it to me before December 1st. I also want to mention that as of December 15 the AOL-AIM program is a thing of the past. About half of the league uses this form of communication and now we'll have to find something else. A phone call? A text message? I have no recommendation on a replacement.


winsyrWe have a champion!! It's my very own Syracuse PD Blues. We had to take the long road to this title. I knew going into the playoffs that we weren't any better than the third best so lots, of luck played a part in winning this year. When we didn't get either of the first round byes it meant winning 11 games to claim the title. Those last four wins against Western NY included sweating out an 11-0 laugher because Tanaka threw a no-hitter, then winning two thirteen inning games and after losing one eleven inning in game 5 we had to win game 7 in eleven innings. Simply exhausting. I really needed something to relax me so after the locker room celebration with our team I can be seen here taking some time at the beach with our fans (photo-right).


The trail to the title went like this. In Round 1 we swept Kentucky 4-3 (11i), 6-3, 4-2 riding three run homers from Trevor Story and Jay Bruce. Then it was against the powerful Homestead Grays, in Round 2. We beat them up pretty good winning in five by scores of 9-3, 9-1, 4-2 before losing 5-3. In Game 5 Trevor Story hits a walk off 2 run homer off Andrew Miller to take the series. Now it was the big one. The Title round against our neighbors the Western NY Falcons. loseThe Falcons boss Joe Reagan also had taken the long road to the finals beating Miami Beach 3 games to 2, then downing the top seed, Albuquerque in just five games. In the World Series, Syracuse won the opener 11-0 with Masahiro Tanaka tossing a no-hitter!! WNY turned the page quickly and evened things with a 4-3 win on a Gardner PH 2 run double. We took the next two 5-3 on Turner 2 run HR, in 13th inning & then 7-5 on Carpenter's 2 run bomb also in 13th inning. Facing elimination, the Falcons took the next game on Zobrist double 2-1, in 11 innings. Do you see a theme? They also win game 6, just 9 innings this time, with a 4-0 victory despite Ervin Santana walking 7 to force a game seven. In yet another extra inning game, we win 5-2 when TJ Rivera hit not one but two homers forcing the game into yet another extra inning deal. In the 11th, a leadoff double from Carpenter, then a walk brought Jay Bruce to the plate. Sixty-freakin-six baby!! Ball game!! This photo of a rather dejected Joe (left) was snapped as he left the stadium.


reedcorbinWho set records in 2017? The league as a whole posted two new records. The most strikeouts at 20,481 and then, I'm not sure what this means, the most caught stealing at 371. In the Team record area also had two new records and neither team should be proud of it. Syracuse hitters chipped in with a new team strikeout record of 1607. The second record was posted by Red Lion. The Steamers made 156 errors! In Player section of the record book there were two new records and three near records. Addison Reed (WNY) a new Saves record at 63. The previous record of 55 was just set last year by the former closer for the Falcons Mark Melancon. They really like saves in Falconland. The other record posted this past season is something to behold. One of the oldest records we had was set by Chris Codiroli in 1984. He posted an 8.87 ERA in 164 innings. Patrick Corbin (Kno) now has his name etched in as the worst pitcher in history. He threw 172 innings and gave up 34 homers, 267 hits, walked 100 and 187 runs of which 176 were earned. That works out to a 9.17 ERA. Priceless!! The three close calls were Chris Carter (Hav) tied his own second best mark set last year of 228 whiffs. Ryan Howard has the top mark of 230. Next is Robbie Ray (LHi) who struckout 316 batters. That's third to Randy Johnson's 319. Finally Kyle Hendricks (Syr) had a Won/Lost record of 16-1 for a second best 941 to Chad Hermanson's 958..... pujols kershaw In the Lifetime area of our records we have a bunch of guys who are moving up the lists. Albert Pujols is 5th in slugging at 544 and in RBI with 1663. He's also sixth in Total Bases at 4592 and second in doubles at 606. That's just 33 behind Barry Bonds all-time best. Albert is our current all-time best at hitting into doubleplays with 285. In 3rd place on that GiDP list is Miguel Cabrera with 229. Jose Reyes extended his all-time best triples mark to 128 and he's found on the most errors list too with 273 which is 3rd most. Giancarlo Stanton has moved on the slugging pct list with a 7th best 541. We have three active players on the list of the worst hitters ever. Jay Bruce is tied for fourth with 201 lifetime average. Second in Mark Reynolds with a dismal 196 mark and taking over as the holder of the worst lifetime average is Pedro Alvarez. He's hitting 190 over his 7 year career. On the mound, Clayton Kershaw is now found all over our lists. He's 3rd in lifetime ERA at 2.93 and third in WL% at 699 (135-58). He's second at WHIP with 0.96, fourth in K/9 at 9.8, fifth at K/BB with 3.5 mark. Zack Greinke is on top of the WL% with a 741 (137-48). There are couple more on that list. Doug Fister is in second with his 713 and Cole Hamels is sixth at 675. On the K/9 list there are six active in the top ten. Chris Sale is first with 10.3, Stephen Strasburg has a 10.1, Max Scherzer 10.0, Kershaw, Francisco Rodriguez is seventh with 9.3 & Madison Bumgarner is tenth with an 8.9. Pretty much the same guys are on the K/BB ratio list. Sale is second at 4.0 to Mariano Rivera's 4.1. Scherzer & Strasburg are at 3.6, Kershaw then Bumgarner sixth at 3.4 and Zack Greinke is tenth with 3.0. On the bad end of the scale, Francisco Lirano's 38-76 lifetime WL record puts him 3rd worst all-time at 333. Lance Lynn is now fifth at 341 (31-60)..... You can find all this stuff including the lifetime record of every player who's appeared in our league on the RECORD BOOK tab on our site.




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I love this playoff setup. The one game wildcard is exactly the right way to get a fourth entry to the final rounds. You just finished playing 162 games to see who wins pennants and to say you need to have a best of three is ridiculous. This wildcard game is to find a fourth entry to play pennant winners. So don't tell me about how playing one game is not fair. Play better during the year.


This playoff year has been terrific. Round 1 had the Yankees overcoming a first inning 3-0 hole to win 8-4 and the D'Backs blowing a 6-0 hanging on for an 11-8 win. Then we saw the Cubbies burst Washington's bubble that eventually cost Dusty Baker a job and the Dodgers destroying the D'Backs. Houston got John Farrell fired by blowing away the Red Sox and the Yankees somehow beat the best team in the league with awesome pitching. Then we have Houston overcoming more really good Yankee pitching and the Dodger simply humiliating the Cubs. The Astros-Dodgers match has already had two of the best games I've ever seen in the World Series. Game 2 & 5 were simply what MLB should show anyone who wonders why we all love baseball. Game 5 was flat out incredible best game of baseball I've ever watched. Good pitching trashed, three run homers back and forth, clutch hits, bad relief pitching. Amazing stuff and maybe two games still to come.