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VOLUME: XLIII ... October 1, 2017





It's toast. The regular season is done and without any delays. I want to salute all of you for your outstanding work during the season. League statistician Count Dracula had very few issues with recaps and the change to reporting by the 25th of the month, made my life a lot easier. As for who won what, we have pennants going to Albuquerque, Homestead and Syracuse. Our wildcards were Miami Beach, Western NY along with Kentucky. First round has Kentucky vs Syracuse and Western NY vs Miami Beach. The Horsemen and Grays drawing byes. I'll be posting the results of those series on the Standings page in the normal recap area. Time now to look at each division.


albHarwell Div: The Horsemen closed out it's pennant drive with a 23-9 month to finish the year with a league best 49 wins within a division. They also won 14 home series and a league best 16 road series while picking up 57 road wins. Western NY was 19-13 in September but still finished 15 games behind Albuquerque. The Falcons had 13 home series wins along with 10 road series wins. Armada stumbled to an 11-21 month to finish 33 out of 1st. The Ciders lost any chance of moving up with a poor road record and ended up 33 games back. They only won 4 of 18 road series. Cincinnati was 15-17 in September to land 44 games behind Albuquerque but it was enough to edge out the Fat Cats and stay out of the cellar. Ottawa our defending two time Champ posted a 12-20 last month to fall 5th place. They only won a league worst 3 home series.


syrCaray Div: Syracuse posted a 22-10 record last month to collect it's 2nd straight flag. The Blues had the second most road wins with 52 and had 11 road and home series wins. They finished up 12 games on second place Kentucky. The Bourbons were 19-13 last month to finish up with 44 road and home wins. Havre de Grace was 14-18 to end up 25 games out of first. Only winning 3 of 18 road series didn't help. Laurel Highlands was 10-22 last month to finish 37 games out. The Mustangs got beat up on the road all year long. Just 29 wins and only 2 series wins. Red Lion was pretty solid last month with their 15-17 to have a little fun in a long season but still four games back of the Mustangs. Nobody was worse at home than the Steamers with only 28 wins.


graysAllen Div: Homestead won it's pennant by 3 games with a 22-10 September to win the only decent pennant race of the year. The Grays won 12 home series and 10 on the road. Miami Beach was 21-11 last month and finished with the best home record in the league with 55 wins while losing only 1 home series all year. Etiwanda racked up an 18-14 September and finished 16 out of first. The Anteaters were awful at home 15 games under 500 & were 21 games over 500 on the road. Burnsville posted a dismal 9-23 last month putting them 13 games behind Etiwanda. The Blaze got clobbered on the road winning just 3 series. Knob Noster was 10-22 last month and finished the year 40 games out of first. They collected a league worst 25 wins on the road.


bou2wes2mb2The wildcard race had about six teams fighting for those three slots with 50 games to go. Only four managed to stay in the race at the end. Miami Beach and Western NY fought for the best wildcard record and the Bears got it by one game. Kentucky was eight behind those two but held off Etiwanda by 4 games to grab the final slot.


Team stats: When you look at hitting stats you can see the Horsemen were a cut above the rest of us. Nobody had a better average, on base or slugging pct plus they scored over 850 runs. They also put up the most hits, runners on base, total bases and a whopping +254 run differential. One more thing about the Horsemen. They were the only team to win 30 or more games during interleague play within a division. In fact they did it against both the Caray and the Allen. Homestead and Syracuse also topped 800 runs scored. Syracuse topped everyone in belting just over 300 four baggers & pumping up your pitchers whiff totals with new record 1607. Blues had four players with 30+ homers and four more with 20+ homers. There were a lot of doubles hit by Miami Beach. Homestead was only team with over 600 walks. Kentucky the only team to collect over 200 steals. Albuquerque batters got drilled more than anyone else and it was fun to do. Armada did bunt successfully 7 times. Only three other teams had any sacs. Burnsville & Havre de Grace hit into over 120 double plays. The Steamers had the league's worst record and maybe committing a new league record of 156 errors helped that along which includes 30 boots just from their pitchers. Speaking of bad things, unless you like triples, Ottawa had a lousy hitting season. Last in average, some 400 hits fewer than Albuquerque. Only one team, Red Lion had fewer homers. Syracuse gives a big smack to Laurel Highlands who lost 16 of 18 games against them. Four players had more steals than the entire Burnsville team. Syracuse had the fewest GiDP most likely because they were striking out. Kentucky got the golden glove award..... On the mound the Blaze pitching staff was our best and it showed with league best totals in shutouts, walks allowed and homers allowed. Albuquerque hurlers were the only ones with under 1100 hits allowed. More than one third of the Ottawa starters finished the game. Laurel Highlands Robbie Ray pushed them to a league best K total. They also were the only team with over 1600 hits allowed and 270 big boys hit against them. All those errors by Red Lion cost them 107 runs versus Albuquerque only giving up 25 unearned runs. Knob Noster run differential was -268 thanks in large part to Patrick Corbin. The K'heads also threw lots of salad up there with not even 1100 k's. The bullpens got a good workout in Kentucky & Knob Noster with just 1 complete game. We had new league records set with 20,471 strikeouts and 371 caught stealing.


trumbo betts djPlayer stats: Chris Carter (Hav) hit 4 homers in September to end up with 52 bombs. Mark Trumbo (Bur) hit 11 big flies for a total of 53 to win that crown by one dinger. Rookie sensation Corey Seager (Arm) knocked in 131 to beat Carter by 10. Corey's teammate D.J. LeMahieu (Arm) was one of 4 to hit 300 and he did it a lot better than the other three ending up at 353. That's the highest average we've had since 2009 and he was the only player with over 200 hits. D.J. also had a league best OBP. The guys not qualifying for the batting title but getting at least 100pa's, Andrew Benintendi (Red) was best at 351. David "Big Papi" Ortiz went out in style slugging 92 extra base hits (44/1/47) for 979 OPS. He was one of 3 over 900. The old guy also was the only player with a +600 slugging pct. Mookie Betts (Alb) was tops in total bases with 357 via 199 hits & 44/6/34 xbh's (2nd best there), which put him 2nd in average, 2nd in slugging and 4th in RBI and hits plus 3rd in doubles. Billy Hamilton (Ken) went nuts on the base paths, stealing over 100 bags. That's the first time anyone has passed that mark since Marquis Grissom in 1993. There were only two others over 50. Four guys went over 100 walks and Paul Goldschmidt (Alb) was the best. Goldy also scored more runs than anyone else and I'll point out he was 5th in hitting, 2nd in OBP. Derek Dietrich (LHi) got nailed 21 times. Chris Carter was again our whiff champ with 228 of them this year. Two others topped 200. Nolan Arenado (Alb) only managed a 222 average this year but he won something. He hit into a league leading 28 doubleplays. Xander Bogaerts (Hom) committed a whopping 44 errors this year. We had five guys with over 502pa's hit that hit in the 170's and Russell Martin (Ott) was the worst at 172.

maxhendbartOn the hill we had three guys under 3.00 ERA. Max Scherzer (Bur) was easily the best at 2.49. He also was 2nd best in K's, K/9 and WHIP. We had three 20 game winners. Bart "Big Sexy" Colon (Mia) was 20-5, J.A. Happ (Alb) was 20-6 and Corey "KluBot" Kluber (Hom) was 20-7. Bartolo also was 6th in ERA and 2nd best WL Pct and tied for lead in Shutouts. Kyle Hendricks (Syr) wasn't a twenty game winner but he was a league best 16-1, 4th in ERA and tops in WHIP. Robbie Ray (LHi) became the 1st pitcher in the league to post over 300 K's since Randy Johnson in 2003. He had a league best 11.6 K/9 rate while giving up more homers than anyone else. Addison Reed easily won the Save's title with a new record of 63. We had two guys lose 18 games, Marcus Stroman (Ott) & C.C. Sabathia (Kno). Speaking of the K'heads, we need to discuss CNY native Patrick Corbin (Kno). He was the only pitcher to post 100 walks and had a stat line of 0-2 WL record, 72 games, 172.7ip, 267 hits, 187 (176 earned), a 2.13 WHIP. That's really bad but was really clarifies how bad his year was, he is the new record holder of the worst ERA in the 43 year league history 9.17!!


Hidden Gems: Not many things available for this edition but I've got these. Cesar Hernandez (Hom) had a 1000 batting average. His 1 for 1 was a triple no less. Jose Bautista (Kno) was 0 for 9 and the worst of the eight guys with 000 average. Drew Butera (Ken) never hit into a double play in 127 at bats. Paul Goldschmidt (Alb) had a league best 756 plate appearances. Kelby Tomlinson (Eti) never got an extra base hit after 50 at bats. Devon Travis (Bur) had 0 RBI in 37 at bats. Adam Wainwright (Ott) hit 455 via 5 for 11 with 2 homers and a double. Hector Neris (Ken) was a perfect 7-0 WL. Luke Weaver (Bur) lost all 8 of his starts for a 000 WL%. Alex Reyes (Hom) posted a league best 0.46 ERA in 39.0ip. His teammate Nate Karns was at the other end of the scale at 12.71 in 11.3ip. Brad Hand (Ken) was in 76 games.


The Record setters next month.






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The Phillies haven’t used a left-handed starter this season. The last time that happened in franchise history was 1918. Cleveland’s Jose Ramirez has 88 extra-base hits, an American League record for extra-base hits by a switch-hitter. The Miami Marlins are 64-44 when hitting at least one home run, and 7-37 in games where they haven’t homered. Cincinnati’s Scooter Gennett has 27 home runs in 452 at bats. He came into the season with 35 home runs in 1,527 at bats. Yesterday, White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu joined Joe DiMaggio (1936-39) and Albert Pujols (2001-10) as the only players in MLB history to begin their careers with four straight seasons of 25-plus homers and 100-plus RBI. Robinson Cano hit his 300th home run on Thursday. He has 288 as a second baseman, which in all likelihood ranks second all-time behind Jeff Kent (351). girlRogers Hornsby had 301 career home runs, but played 603 games at positions other than second base; his position-by-position totals are unclear..... Aaron Judge has now hit more homers (51) than any rookie. He is the 3rd player to have a +400 OBP along with a +600 SLG. Ted Williams (1939) Pujols (2001). Judge has also struckout more than any 50 homer player at +200. Johnny Mize had 51 homers along with 42 whiffs (1947), the smallest amount. He has hit 31 of his 50 homers at Yankee Stadium..... Joe Girardi along with numerous others is calling for more than one wild card game. "It's not fair playing 162 games and then having your entire season hinge on one game". My immediate answer would be, then win the pennant. Think the 1993 Giants wouldn't have liked to have a chance to play one game to get into the post season? They won 103 games and watch all of the post season on TV. Here's an idea that is floating around. A best of two that is used in Korea. A double header is scheduled so you keep it at one day. The team with the worst record has to win the not only the first game but the 2nd game too. All the better team has to do is win either game..... I don't understand how MLB or MiLB can allow any team not to have protective netting to at least past the dugouts. Claims that it obstructs view is nonsense. Those seats costing a kazillion dollars behind home plate don't have anyone complaining of obstructed view. It almost cost a 2 year old her life last week in Yankee Stadium.